ADC Airlines Logo

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Aviation Development Company was a large Nigerian airline, founded in 1984. It carried the regional flights in Nigeria and some other countries in Africa, but in the year 2007 the company’s operations were suspended. The hub of the airline was Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos.

Meaning and History

The public image of this company, depicted by the logotype and the name, did not have many accurate facts about its origins, but one thing was clear: the logo represented the safe and pliable mood in which the airline company worked, its wish to make the flight comfortable and calm.

What is ADC Airlines?
ADC Airlines was a Nigerian airline that operated domestic and international flights. It was established in 1984 and ceased operations in 2006 following a tragic plane crash.

1984 – 2007

ADC Airlines Logo

The logotype of the brand depicted the dark blue abbreviation ‘ADC’, where the letters ‘D’ and ‘C’ intertwine each other. At the line with the abbreviation, there was a word ‘airlines’, of the same color. Under the general inscription, there was the yellow-colored slogan ‘Pleasure Serving you’.

Emblem and Symbol

There was another variant of this logotype, with the white abbreviation, framed by the orange lines below and above. In this case, all other words and slogans except ‘ADC’ disappeared, making more emphasis on the abbreviation. This variant was being used on the airplanes, along with the principal logo.