Air Luxor Logo

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What is Air Luxor Logo

Air Luxor is a major Portuguese airline that is currently out of business. Most of their flights went to Western Europe, Western Africa and locally in Portugal. It was by no means the biggest airline in this country, but it was still important for traveling out of Lisbon.

Meaning and History

The company was founded in 1988 by a rich entrepreneur family who ended by influencing much of the modern Portuguese airline business. It wasn’t incredibly successful, because in 2006 they had to shut their operations down, but they still left their mark.

1988 – today

Air Luxor Logo

The official logo was actually rather simple – it was just the brand’s name written in soft, round letters. They were all capital and written in dark blue. This color was actually their favorite, because the company was determined to facilitate travel between the European Union and Portugal.

Emblem and Symbol

They didn’t have an official emblem, although the planes were often decorated with a star ring that the European Union uses for everything. They’d usually color the tail of the plane blue and put this symbol there. The EU symbolic was probably one of the inspirations to the logotype proper.