Bang Bros Logo

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Bang Bros is an American media producer, founded in Miami, in 2002. Founded by a University of Florida graduate, Bang Bros focuses on filming pornographic videos with professional male and female performers of various ages. There are thousands of videos, distributed through the studio’s network, comprising 60 websites. The revenue is made via paid subscriptions and advertisements. Since 2017, Bang Bros has been operated by the Czech WGCZ holding.

Meaning and history

Bang Bros Logo history

Bang Bros was founded in 2002 by Kristopher Hinson while he was studying at the University of Florida. His studio grew slowly to prominence, making porn and hiring more actors. Throughout its history, the studios created numerous websites sorted by genre. Their flagship websites and have eventually led them to popularity. Along with these ones, they also operate numerous paysites.

In 2014, the studio took over Girls Gone Wild, one of the largest and oldest studios, while in 2019 it bought, a website on which users could find the real names of porn actors. After Bang Bros took over, it destroyed all information related to the website for the safety of pornstars.

What is Bang Bros?
Bang Bros is a video filming studio founded in 2002 and based in Miami. It specializes in the mass production of porn videos with professional actors who have sex on camera in various genres, positions, settings, etc. The videos are published on their network of about 60 websites. The studio now belongs to Prague-based WGCZ holding which acquired it and its associated websites in 2017.

2002 – 2004

Bang Bros Logo 2002

The brand’s original insignia displayed a wordmark executed in all bold sans-serif capitals. Their coloring includes a gradient from darker to brighter orange. Each letter has a thin black contour. The nameplate’s background is a rectangle also colored gradient bright and dark orange.

2004 – 2007

Bang Bros Logo 2004

Later, they changed the logo style completely by recoloring the nameplate, changing its script, and putting it on a gray rectangular background. The script became heavier and got angular forms. The letters became bright yellow with some orange spots on them.

2007 – 2008

Bang Bros Logo 2007

The 2008 logo shows the white and red inscription, placed over a picture of some palms. Above the name, the artists wrote the caption ‘the world famous’.

2008 – 2009

Bang Bros Logo 2008

The following brand mark showed a black smudge with the brand name in the familiar typeface. Its coloring had been changed to a caustic red and white, whereas the part ‘bang’ was white with a red contour, and the portion ‘bros’ was red with a white contour. Both parts still had greasy spots on them.

2009 – 2010

Bang Bros Logo 2009

The inscription was later re-written in two lines and put on a red, white & black background. Its color was changed to gradient red and white.

2010 – 2012

Bang Bros Logo 2010

In the 2010 logotype, the brand designers showed the wordmark in a new typeface with capitalized sans-serif letterforms with rounded edges and corners. The two letters ‘b’, standing above each other, were joined with a vertical bar. Above the inscription, there was the wording ‘world famous’, while below it was ‘shot in’. The whole image was placed on a background probably showing the actions in the studio’s videos.

2012 – 2017

Bang Bros Logo 2012

With the 2012 logotype, the brand designers have added a flying bus to the studio’s identity. This logo showed a bus with huge ominous wings flying in moonlight. To the left of it, they wrote the nameplate in the familiar typeface with heavy angular letterforms. Gray, white and black colors were used in this logotype.

2017 – today

Bang Bros Logo 2017

Then, they moved the bus to the right part of the logo and colored the moon yellow. The name’s typeface has also been altered: the letterforms became taller and narrower. Below it, they wrote the slogan ‘where the girls really know how to fuck!’.

2018 – today

Bang Bros Logo

The brand’s latter logotype shows a black rectangle with an extra bold nameplate on it. A unique part of this logotype is a minimalistic bus, drawn from the front view. It’s equipped with two small wings coming from its roof. Depending on the situation, the brand designers could enlarge the bus and put it to the left of the inscription or place it between the words. There’s also a ‘.com’ caption, always located to the right of the wording.


Bang Bros Symbol

The color palette of both logotypes used today by the brand utilize black, white, and yellow color palette. In the 2018 logo, the designers have displayed a black rectangle with a black bus, contoured white. The word ‘bang’ is white, while the lower part ‘bros’ is gradient yellow and orange. The 2017 logo shows white lettering with a black outline, placed next to a black bus flying in front of a yellow moon.


Bang Bros Emblem

The logotype of 2018 displays a capitalized inscription in a sans-serif typeface with semibold lines. In its turn, the 2017 logo also depicts an uppercase wordmark, which is executed in a heavy script with small serifs and angular forms. The caption ‘where the girls really know how to fuck!’ in a simple typeface with no serifs.