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Brazzers is a Canadian media-making company originating in Montreal, Canada. Since its establishment in 2005, Brazzers has been filming hardcore pornographic videos with professional actors. With an online network consisting of 30+ websites, Brazzers distributes videos of different genres for various audiences. Their organization has recorded more than 10000 videos with 2300+ stars.

Meaning and history

Brazzers Logo history

Brazzers was established in 2005 by a group of investors from Montreal. It has later become a part of a larger group of porn websites under an overall name Mansef. Brazzers grew slowly to prominence, hiring more pornstars, operators, and directors. Within several years, it became popular for settings and actors in their videos.

In 2010, Mansef was taken over by Fabian Thylmann, and changed its name to Manwin. Three years later, he was arrested on suspicion of evasion of tax payment. All of his assets including Brazzers were purchased by the top managers of Mindgreek, which controls Brazzers by now.

What are Brazzers?
Brazzers is a Canadian firm that produces media content since 2005. Its production includes hardcore porn videos with professional actors. Those videos are filmed in studios or apartments and distributed among 30+ websites. In total, there are more than 10,000 videos of various genres and formats.

2007 – 2008

Brazzers Logo 2007

The very first logotype was a rectangular badge with upper and lower parts. It had a metallic style with four bolts in the corners. The badge is colored in a way so one can easily recognize a large white double ‘z’ pattern, drawn among two black zones in the right and left parts of the badge. On it, there is the nameplate, written in a capitalized script with wide intervals between the letters. The central letters ‘z’ were golden, while the rest of the characters were silver.

2008 – 2009

Brazzers Logo 2008

Later, they removed the badge, so the metallic inscription stood alone without any prominent changes. In this logo, the ‘.com’ note above the last letter ‘s’ became more visible than before. The reinvention of the logo resulted in a more friendly and inviting mood than previously. In future variants, the brand designers would change the logotype, adding more minimalism and simplicity.

2009 – 2012

Brazzers Logo 2009

The 2009 logotype showed the familiar lettering inside another badge – a rectangle with rounded corners. The badge was composed of a metal frame and a black inner area.

2012 – 2020

Brazzers Logo 2012

They had removed the badge again and changed the inscription. In the 2012 logotype, the letters were made gradient: at the top, the letters were brighter than at the bottom.

2020 – today

Brazzers Logo

The latter logotype shows an inscription colored black and yellow. There is no background, so the lettering looks minimalistic and catching.


Brazzers Emblem

The color code changed dramatically from one logotype to another. The original version included white and golden shades. Later, the brand artists started using bright and dark shades of gray and black colors. They often added a gradient to the badge and the letterforms, so they looked more serious. As for the latter logo, it shows just the lettering colored black and yellow.


Brazzers Symbol

Throughout the brand’s history, its designers used one typeface to write the nameplate – Bank Gothic Medium. It is a semibold capitalized sans-serif script with angular forms. Some letters have unequal proportions: the top line of ‘z’ is shorter than the bottom one; both tips of ‘s’ are shifted from the center; and the central bar of ‘e’ is way shorter than the upper and lower ones.