Cash App Logo

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What is Cash App Logo

Cash App is an online application used for money transfers. It’s not yet as popular as PayPal and other methods of transaction, but it’s steadily growing, and you can see it featured on many websites that use e-money transfers. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

Meaning and History

The app was formerly known as ‘Square Cash’, but it didn’t make much sense and was soon swapped for a way more comprehensive and clear ‘Cash App’. It was first launched in 2013, although not a lot of people used it for the first couple of years. Now, though, it has several dozen millions of users.

2013 – today

Cash App Logo

Cash App’s logo is actually very simple conceptually, almost banally so. It’s a rounded square shape colored in bright green. In the middle is a white dollar image. The emblem is basically a universal money symbol, there’s nothing to it.

Emblem and Symbol

Cash App Emblem

They often use the brand name in conjunction with the emblem proper. These are two black words written in a plain font that read ‘Cash App’. This can be put anywhere – above, below, to the right or left of the main symbol. However, they almost never use it alone, only in combination with the logo itself.