Coca-Cola Logo

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What is Coca-Cola Logo

Coca-Cola is the soft beverage. It’s the oldest and the most popular of its kind and it subsequently made its way to the shelves of stores in almost the entirety of the world. Not only is it the most valuable brand of beverage, but the word itself has become a common name for fizzy syrup-infused sodas.

Meaning and History

Coca Cola Logo History

The drink was initially a remedy for various ailments, and it included various bizarre components, most notably the parts of plants coca and cola, the former being rich in cocaine, interestingly enough. The modern recipes don’t, by all accounts, use these ingredients specifically, but the name stays.

1886 – 1887

Coca Cola Logo 1886

The initial emblem was a standard typographic writing of the name. The letters were all uppercase and written in tall serif. It was one of the fonts you could very easily access. They also put the dot on the end of it, for some reason.

1887 – 1890

Coca Cola Logo 1887

The 1887 style was actually very similar to the modern design, with some minor nuances. It was a stylistic, hand-painted emblem that was essentially the brand name with written in twisting uneven letters that weren’t even placed on the same level. That was the fashion of the time.

1890 – 1900

Coca Cola Logo 1890

The 1890 design was even reminiscent of the 19th century, in that it was mostly a standard writing but with some weird additions. Everything seemed ordinary, except for the two ‘C’ letters. The top ends on these were twirled into a spiral, and the bottom ends elongated to reach beneath the other letters.
The designers of old did this a lot, and these were mostly put one the ads or shop exteriors.

1900 – 1905

Coca Cola Logo 1900

In 1900, they actually returned the old 1887 logo – a handwritten design with a big, fat and twisting ‘C’ letters. It was very much like the contemporary design, but the letters were smaller and less distinct. The other nuances – such as ‘C’ letters being extended below and over their respective words – are all there.
It’s also when they started using the color red to signify the medicinal purposes of the drink, but the main color was still black.

1905 – 1940

Coca Cola Logo 1905

This time, they didn’t change too much. The letters ‘C’ were shortened, which finally other letters more or less on the same level. This one is actually very much like the logo of today.

1940 – 1950

Coca Cola Logo 1940

This logo was just a few changes. Notably, the letters became not less fat, and they also changed the shape of the first letter a bit, and that’s about it. This name was more or less used for most of the logos after that, just with various additions. It’s also the main emblem of the Coca Cola Co. even now.

1950 – 1969

Coca Cola Logo 1950

For this variation, they took the now-standard logo, colored it white and put it into the red oval with cropped sides. They also could put the word drink above the drink name occasionally.

1969 – 1985

Coca Cola Logo 1969

That’s the first we saw of the ‘white wave’ element used in Cola symbolic. It’s basically a white name put in the middle of a red square, and below the name, was this wave that was supposed to symbolize the flow of the drink. And they also preferred the word ‘enjoy’ over ‘drink’ this time.

1985 – 1987


Coca Cola Logo 1985

For a few years, the drink brand was remodeled into just ‘Coke’, and it was reflected on the bottles and cans. They used serif writing of this word in two variations – bold and usual. They were mostly red, but obviously turned white if put against the red background.
It was scrapped soon, presumably because people though it’s some kind of cheap knock-off.

1987 – 1993

Coca Cola Logo 1987

The name ‘Coke’ persisted somewhat, but this time it was put below the main part of the logo. And the logo itself was basically taken from 1969 attempt, but without the word ‘enjoy’ and other garbage. The ‘wave’ also pierced right through the ‘Cola’ now and there was generally less free space inside.

1993 – 2003

Coca Cola Logo 1993

This emblem was styled into a cap of the usual Coke bottle. Essentially, it was a red circle with a lot of shading and illumination. In addition to that, they put a standard glass bottle in the middle of the thing, right behind the normal white Coca-Cola name.

2003 – 2007

Coca Cola Logo 2003

This one is basically the 1969 design once more but with altered proportions. Some variations also had more volume and glint, but the general layout stayed the same.

2007 – today

Coca Cola Logo

In 2007, they basically returned to the usual 1940 writing, but completely red in all scenarios.

Emblem and Symbol

Symbol Coca-Cola

All of these logos were used to identify the drink. So, it was either on the bottles and cans or on commercials and other promotional material. But the 1940 design was basically used ever since by the company itself. All the official and bureaucratic stuff was labeled under this one, often in black.