Fansly Logo

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Fansly is the name of a subscription-based social network, which was created in 2017, and specialized in adult content. The network also has free accounts, and operates all over the world, having millions of users from different countries. Any user can subscribe to a profile of a person and watch his content on a monthly payment basis.

Meaning and history

Although Fansly was created in 2017, it started gaining extreme popularity only in 2021, after its main competitor, OnlyFans has banned all the adult content in the accounts of its users. As pornographic photos and videos were the main things about social media, all users started looking for a new platform to move to, and here is when Fansly came out.

Fansly has both free and subscription-based options for its users, and when registering a new account it is both free and paid. On Fansly you can only have one account but use it differently. In everything else the social network copies OnlyFans, providing its users with the same possibilities and services.

What is Fansly?
Fansly is a social media platform, Baden on adult content, and is available both in free and subscription-based versions. The network is the strongest alternative to OnlyFans, the service, that became extremely popular in 2020, but banned all adult content in 2022, and lost millions of subscribers to Fansly.

As for the visual identity, Fansly chose a pretty modest and simple style and concept for its logo. The emblem of the social network is composed of two parts, a logotype, and an emblem, which is also the icon of the application. Both parts are executed in one color palette and look very professional and clean.

2017 – Today

Fansly Logo

The Fansly logo is executed in a fresh and delightful light-blue and white color palette and consists of two parts, a lowercase logotype in a modern sans-serif typeface, and an emblem on its left, which is also used as the single element of the app’s icon. The Fansly emblem depicts a stylized lock in a shape of a heart and stands for the “special” orientation of the network, also pointing to the security and reliability of the service. While the lowercase inscription after the graphical elements adds friendliness and a sense of stability, with its perfectly balanced letters and medium-thick lines.


Fansly Emblem

For the icon of its application, Fansly uses the same heart-lock symbol, as for its full-sized logotype, but sometimes it can be seen on a black background, or the white heart can be set over a solid blue square. The lock on the icon is enlarged and takes almost all the space on a solid square with rounded angles, looking bright and confident.

Font and color

Fansly Symbol

The lowercase logotype of the Fansly social network is executed in a modern sans-serif typeface with medium-thick bars and clean contours. The creators of the logo chose a very confident yet simple font, which is pretty close to such typefaces as Express 18 Extra Bold, Delargo DT DemiBold, and Petala Pro SemiBold. The contours and shapes of the letters in these fonts look balanced and professional.

As for the color palette of the Fansly visual identity, it is built around a delightful and bright shade of blue, which evokes a sense of security, reliability, and protection. The white accents on the logo represent loyalty and transparency and only elevate the meanings of the main hue on the badge.