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Tags: 18+ | adult

Gfrevenge is an adult video platform with premium content available by subscription. Its servers are based in the United States, attracting 1.3 million monthly visitors, primarily 37% Americans with monthly incomes of up to $15,000.

Meaning and history

The core of the website’s message lies in the image of a young man in a suit and tie, extending his hand with a raised finger in a playful and carefree manner. This gesture exudes a sense of amusement and disregard for others’ opinions. The word “revenge” appears prominently in large letters, symbolizing the myriad reasons for visiting the site and bringing its content to life. The deliberately weathered appearance of the word “revenge” harks back to age-old tales of gender dynamics and hints at an ancient theme. The multi-level lettering creates a dynamic illusion, amplifying the emotional impact, while the sticker-like format adds a concise and energetic touch, swiftly conveying the essence of the message.

Gfrevenge Logo