Naughty America Logo

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Naughty America is a pornographic video-recording organization, created in 2001 and headquartered in San Diego, California. It creates videos for adult entertainment, primarily oriented toward the American audience. The content has been published on its eponymous website. The actions in these videos are performed by professional actors in various genres and settings.

Meaning and history

Naughty America was founded in San Diego, California, in 2001. Within the first three years, the studio was operated by a small number of employees under the brand name SoCal Cash. In 2004, the name was changed to Naughty America, to reflect the website’s incline toward the American audience.

It was initially supposed to become a studio that would publish the videos recorded and performed by Americans only. Within the first years, Naughty America filmed the classic male + female porn only, but in 2008 it launched a special gay line of films called Suite 703.

By 2008, the studio employed 60 workers and released over 70 DVD films. Besides the DVD, the studios publish the films on their official websites. Today, the studio’s collection contains almost 7000 films, sorted by genre, age, and other preferences.

What is Naughty America?
Naughty America is a San Diego-based film studio, established in 2001. It records 18+ videos with pornographic content and publishes them on its official website. Their workers are highly-skilled porn actors, and the videos are sorted out by various age categories and preferences. The website is targeted primarily at the United States audience.

2001 – today

Naughty America Logo

The studio’s corporate logotype depicts the name caption, written in a two-line inscription on a blue rectangle. The text has an uppercase serif script with the first letters enlarged. For the social media pages, they use a five-pointed star as the emblem.


Naughty America Symbol

The brand associates itself with the American culture and nation. That’s why it utilizes the iconic white, blue & red color palette both for the corporate logotype and the emblems for social media pages. Here’s how the colors are set up: in the nameplate, the red ‘naughty’ word is placed above the white ‘America’ part, and the whole inscription stands on a blue rectangle; in the emblem, they put a blue star with a red contour on a white background.


Naughty America Emblem

The nameplate uses a classic slim typeface with prominent serifs. All letters are capitals, but the first ones are slightly enlarged. They’re also separated from one another by narrow gaps.