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What is Pornhub Logo

Pornhub is easily the most visited and popular porn depositories online. They have amongst the biggest pornography collections in the Internet, and, owing to their reputation, they also have the biggest userbase out of all the similar websites. Interestingly yet, they’ve only started working in 2007.

Meaning and History

Pornhub Logo History

The website was started in 2007 by an independent entrepreneur, and then bought off by a Canadian company called MindGeek. They didn’t work too hard on the name, it basically means ‘hub for porn’, which is comprehensive enough – much to the joy of their countless users.

2007 – 2007

Pornhub Logo 2007

The very first design was unsuccessful, although it did set the rules for all the following attempts. This one was simply a domain name – ‘’ – set in grey color. It wasn’t a pretty sight, considering that it was heavily pixelized and had some flecks of outline all over the place.

2007 – 2008

Pornhub Logo 2007

The second design was just as short-lived, but it was also crucial, because that’s when they decided upon the color scheme – black and orange. The name was now stylized as ‘’ (with the .com part being much smaller). The text was now orange and had a jagged texture of the broken glass, which was a strange choice.
This entire structure was put against a black rectangle – a low-bearing disproportioned figure.

2008 – 2009

Pornhub Logo 2008

In 2008, they introduced the first vestiges of the logo design as we know it now. The increased the rectangle in height (which also meant the letters were higher. And the letters themselves were arranged differently now.
The ‘Porn’ part became white, while the ‘Hub’ part was turned black and set onto another rectangle that was a bit smaller, orange and that occupied about half the black space on the right. The ‘.com’ part completely vanished.
They also added several smaller, darker rectangles beneath in the bottom of the orange figure.

2009 – 2012

Pornhub Logo 2009

This time, they didn’t change much. The glint was added to most of the logo, and they shifted the positioning of the images inside the rectangle, so there was no more space beneath the main parts and less on the left of them.

2012 – 2014

Pornhub Logo 2012

Not much changed again, although now it meant good news. The free space all around the logo was removed, which basically meant the images inside were perfectly centered in the middle of the rectangular shape.

2014 – today

Pornhub Logo

This one has been the biggest change in years. The completely removed the black background, made the white letters black, added some interval between the elements inside and made the orange part cleaner. The last thing means there are no weird additional pieces in the bottom of it, and also the color became much lighter.
Lastly, they got rid of the illumination and shading, which fell out of fashion by this time anyway.

Emblem and Symbol

The company also liked to put various slogans of mature content in the first iterations of their logo designs. They likely realized quickly enough that it did nothing for promotional purposes, but instead alienated people who didn’t want to see these things in their face right after visiting the website.