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TeamSkeet, an enticing adult website, seduces its audience with its premium-quality videos and photos showcasing various sexual acts. Unleashed in 2004, it has amassed a devoted following for its exceptional assortment of scenes spotlighting youthful performers and its easy-to-use interface. Paper Street Media, a company operating multiple adult entertainment websites, is the mastermind behind TeamSkeet, which garners millions of hits monthly. However, it is not appropriate for minors, and age verification is mandatory to gain access to its content.

Meaning and history

The moniker of TeamSkeet is deemed to have originated from the words “team” and “skeet” that pertains to the porn industry’s term for ejaculation. It may also refer to the youthful performers, fondly called “skeets,” that this adult website predominantly features.

In 2004, TeamSkeet made its raunchy debut as a pornographic site that showcases the youthful and spirited performers’ scorching sexual encounters. Its exceptional content quality and effortless user interface earned it a burgeoning fanbase of adult viewers.

Nowadays, TeamSkeet continues to reign as one of the most sought-after adult entertainment websites that reels in millions of visitors monthly. Owned by Paper Street Media, it offers a diverse range of erotic scenes, encompassing solo, lesbian, and hardcore content. However, it’s strictly for adults only, and access requires age verification.

What is TeamSkeet?
TeamSkeet, a titillating haven for adults, lures its audience with its top-of-the-line visual content, showcasing a smorgasbord of sexual escapades. It burst onto the scene in 2004 and has amassed a legion of loyal followers for its extraordinary range of scenes featuring youthful performers and its intuitive and user-friendly interface. The visionary minds behind Paper Street Media, the brains behind several other adult entertainment websites, are responsible for the masterpiece that is TeamSkeet, which attracts millions of hits per month.

2011 – today

TeamSkeet Logo

The iconic badge of TeamSkeet offers an exceptional visual experience. Its unique palette and tag theme set it apart from the competition, enticing the viewer with its sizzling design. The badge features three lines of lettering, each line distinctive in its own right. The word “team” in dark grey with an almost invisible gradient is followed by the green lettering of “Skeet” below, also with a gradient. The rounded tops of the “A” and “M” create a sensual and memorable touch. The third line bears the full name of the website in a mesmerizing dark blue hue. The badge is placed within a green tag hanging down on a silvery chain with a thick black outline, making it visually appealing and easy to spot.


TeamSkeet Symbol

The TeamSkeet logo boasts a tantalizing color palette that’s sure to catch the eye. The “team” in dark grey fades into a gradient effect that hints at mystery and intrigue. Meanwhile, the word “Skeet” bursts with life in a vibrant green gradient that’s impossible to ignore. The dark blue of the full website name adds a sense of cool sophistication, creating a striking contrast to the lively greens and greys. The logo itself hangs in a green tag, daring the viewer to take a closer look.


TeamSkeet Emblem

The font style used in the TeamSkeet logo is an embodiment of sleekness, modernity, and utmost legibility. The all-caps letters embody a powerful and confident aura, while the sans-serif style, known for its minimalist and straightforward lines, imbues the logo with an air of sophistication. The condensed letters possess a slender and streamlined look, thus complementing the overall design of the logo.