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This is one of the first porn websites ever created. It started with content that was limited to celebrity images of pornographic nature. Later, it expanded to include videos and allows individuals to not only view them but also share their own content. The platform also has a mobile application. Since Apple does not allow porn, the app works only on Android platforms. Otherwise, individuals who like this type of content can watch it via a preferred browser. Although it has visitors from all around the world, the most frequent users are from France, the United States, and Egypt.

Meaning and History

XNXX platform has existed since the end of the last century. Its roots take place in France, although the servers and offices are also located in Tokyo, Newark, as well as Montreal. This is a project of the XVideos company that owns another pornographic website. It was in the top two platforms in this industry in 2004. Several years later, it also ranked as one of the top ten most visited pornographic websites in the world. Due to its invasion of Ukraine, the world’s largest adult websites, including XNXX, were blocked in Russia.

What is XNXX?
This is one of the biggest pornographic websites on the internet, which is not surprising given its long history. XNXX allows individuals to view and share free pornographic videos.

???? – Today


The website logo is quite simple and consists of only a wordmark without any other elements. “XNXX.COM” is written in bold uppercase letters. They have a 3D appearance thanks to a blue and white uneven gradient and a darker outline of each letter. The lack of additional elements is compensated by the dynamic coloring of the wordmark itself. The fact that the logo is actually the full address of the website also compensates for the lack of other details. In some cases, the platform uses an even more simplified version of its logo, which is a blue “x” on a darker blue square for the background, which resembles the logo of its parent company XVideos.

Font and Color

XNXX Emblem


The color choice does not really have anything to do with any of the meanings of the blue or white color. Nonetheless, it looks quite memorable and bright. If it was not for an interesting and dynamic coloring of the letters, the font would look quite simple with straight lines and slightly rough edges.