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YouPorn is a American website, headuqartered in Limassol, Cyprus. It operates an eponymous platform where users share videos and images with pornographic content. This media is made by males and females of various ages, from 18 to 65+, and sorted by various genres. YouPorn is owned by Manwin, a Luxemburg-headquartered firm that specializes in 18+ enjoyment and informational technologies.

Meaning and history

YouPorn Logo history

The YouPorn site was registered in December 2005. Throughout the 2000s and 2010s, the website grew to prominence, publishing porn by amateur couples having ordinary sex. It contrasts with many other platforms, depicting professional videos with unreal settings and plots. Due to this, the website has been called ‘a good role model for the sexually naive’ by the media.

In 2011, YouPorn was acquired by an adult recreation and informational technologies company Manwin, which also controls Pornhub and other porn websites.

What is YouPorn?
YouPorn is an American website launched in 2006. This is a large platform, offering many pornographic videos, made primarily by amateur couples recording ordinary sex. YouPorn enters the top 5 of the most trafficked porn sites on the Internet. The website is managed by Manwin, an IT and adult recreation firm headquartered in Luxemburg.

2006 – 2018

YouPorn Logo 2006

The website’s initial logotype is just the name caption without any emblems. It was written in a catchy and attractive typeface with extra bold letterforms. All characters had rounded tips and thin outlines. There are five hearts in the letters – four of them are placed inside the characters ‘o’, ‘r’, and ‘p’, while the fifth one is incorporated in the design of ‘p’. As for the coloring, the black, pink & gray color palette is used in the wordmark.

2018 – today

YouPorn Logo

The latter logotype shows a minimalistic name caption with typical sans-serif letters, whereas the part ‘you’ is bolder than the ‘porn’ caption. The main feature of the wordmark is the second character ‘o’, styled as a heart.


YouPorn Symbol

Both the original and the latter variants of the logo employ a similar color palette: black or dark gray plus pink. In the first logo, the part ‘you’ was gradient pink and white and had a thin black outline; the inner part of both letters ‘o’ was black, while the hearts inside them were pink; the part ‘porn’ was colored dark gray. The letter logotype is much simpler and depicts the black word ‘you’ and the pink word ‘porn’.


YouPorn Emblem

The font of the 2018 wordmark is a classic one. It shows sans-serif capitals with small spaces between the letters. The word ‘you’ is very bold, which contrasts with the slim ‘porn’.