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The South Sydney Rabbitohs are a rugby league football team. They were Australia’s third-ever rugby league football organization to be founded. According to history, Arthur Hennessy formed the Rabbitohs. He served as the club’s first captain and coach. With over twenty championships, they continue to be the most member in the league.

Meaning and History

South Sydney Rabbitohs Logo history

In Australia, the first rugby league game was played in 1908. Having members from the working class, the Rabbitohs swiftly rose to the top. Although not all of South Sydney’s experiences have been good. The Super League conflict in the 1990s and financial hardships in the 1970s didn’t stop the Rabbitohs from persevering. The name Rabbitohs has an interesting story behind it. At that time, the term “rabbitoh” was frequently used to describe individuals who captured and skinned rabbits. To attract buyers, they would scream “rabbit-oh!” around the marketplaces.

What is South Sydney Rabbitohs?
The South Sydney Rabbitohs represent one of the most distinguishable sporting teams in Australia. Along with the Sydney Roosters, they are the only two NSW-born teams still playing in the NRL.

1959 – 1988

South Sydney Rabbitohs Logo 1959

Given the name, it is not surprising that an image of a rabbit takes the main spot on the emblem. It is a side view of a white rabbit running from right to left. It is a solid image with just one detail – a small eye. It was placed on an oval base of green color. The oval had a thick cardinal red border. The emblem specified the club creation date (Est. 1908) and the name “Rabbitohs”, which was placed right on the border.

1988 – 2008

South Sydney Rabbitohs Logo 1988

Not only the colors of the base were flipped, but the animal has also been redrawn. It looked a bit fluffier with a bigger head and a more detailed eye. This time, one of the rabbit’s feet was sticking out on the border portion of the emblem. All the previous wordmarks were removed and replaced by the full name written in all uppercase white letters. The name was placed on a red background, which created a nice contrast.

2007 – 2012

South Sydney Rabbitohs Logo 2007

The rabbit was used again. The black outline of the rabbit presented exactly the same shape. The team’s name appeared beneath the animal in two lines. The upper line featured a red color, while the bottom one had green. Such color choices created a reference to the original logo despite a different look.

2009 – Today

South Sydney Rabbitohs Logo 2009

The new logo looked like the one introduced back in 1988. There were a few modifications, mainly the addition of darker shades for some volume. Some shadows were also added to the rabbit image to create a more realistic look. The word “Rabbitohs” was placed outside the oval shape and written in large green letters that matched the border. Instead of “Rabbitohs”, it stated the establishment date at the bottom of the emblem. It had a modern look but still referenced the first emblem.

2015 – Today

South Sydney Rabbitohs Logo

The logo introduced in 2015 was very minimalistic. It was just the outline of a rabbit seen in the logo presented in 2007. There were no wordmarks. The image was already well recognized, though, so there was no need for any other details.

Font and Color

South Sydney Rabbitohs Emblem

It is been said that the rugby union team in that area was known as the “Redfern Waratahs.” Since the main colors of this plant are red and green, they were seen in most of the logos as well. The designs also have a white color, mainly to print the name and illustrate a rabbit.