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The Atlanta Hawks, a prominent NBA team, are currently under the ownership of Tony Ressler, a distinguished businessman. Ressler, leading an ownership group, acquired the team in 2015, aiming to enhance its performance and reputation. Based in Atlanta, the Hawks have achieved significant recognition and have a substantial fan base, reflecting their enduring commitment to excellence in professional basketball. The team, backed by its competent ownership, continually strives to ascend in the competitive realm of basketball, maintaining a pivotal presence in the league.

Meaning and history

Atlanta Hawks Logo history

The Atlanta Hawks, originating as the Buffalo Bisons in 1946, have experienced several relocations and name alterations before settling in Atlanta in 1968. Initially, the Bisons moved to Illinois, becoming the Tri-Cities Blackhawks, then to Milwaukee as the Hawks, and subsequently to St. Louis. The franchise’s journey to Atlanta marked a pivotal moment, instigating a new era of basketball in the city.

Over the decades, the Hawks have demonstrated moments of brilliance and faced challenges, earning a reputation for resilience. Under various ownerships, the team has navigated the highs of winning divisions and the lows of enduring losses, symbolizing their perpetual strive for supremacy. In 2015, Tony Ressler acquired the Hawks, providing robust leadership and fostering aspirations for sustained success and excellence in the league.

The Atlanta Hawks, with a storied history marked by transformations and a constant pursuit of victory, continue to engrave their legacy in the annals of basketball, fueled by unwavering determination and a passionate commitment to the sport and their fans. The team, residing in Atlanta, remains a potent symbol of the city’s vibrant sports culture, aspiring to achieve new heights in the competitive world of professional basketball.

1946 – 1951

Atlanta Hawks Logo 1946

The inception of the club is officially traced back to its original designation as the Tri-City Blackhawks, a name that was integral to the creation of its inaugural emblem, depicted by a symbolic basketball. This emblem features three slender stripes set against a blue backdrop, with one centrally located and the other two bordering the sides, collectively crafting an oval encased within a circle. Additionally, it makes reference to multiple cities including Moline / Rock Island, in Illinois, and Davenport, in Iowa. These cities are distinctly divided by the team’s name, which is horizontally aligned over two tiers. To enhance its uniqueness, the logo utilized diverse elements, reflecting the club’s foundational roots and representing a blend of regions united by a shared passion for the sport. The distinctive design elements and color scheme accentuate the team’s identity, intertwining history with visual representation, and symbolizing the unity and collaborative spirit inherent to the team’s origin.

1951 – 1955

Atlanta Hawks Logo 1951

Upon the club’s rebranding as the Milwaukee Hawks, a transformation of the logo ensued. The revised emblem solely features a hawk, clutching a ball within its talons. The avian symbol, depicted in mid-flight with wings in motion, propels the ball towards a basketball hoop. Positioned beneath is the inscription ‘MILWAUKEE HAWKS’, presented in an inverted arch formation. Every component is outlined in vivid red, with several sections filled entirely with color. This modification aimed to capture the essence of the team’s new identity and emphasize its dynamic nature and athletic prowess. The redesigned logo represented a fusion of energy and ambition, symbolizing the team’s flight towards success and its relentless pursuit of excellence in the competitive world of basketball.

1955 – 1957

Atlanta Hawks Logo 1955

In 1955, the franchise underwent another relocation and subsequently adopted the moniker St. Louis Hawks. In this phase, designers opted for a reconfiguration of elements, introducing a rendition featuring a black avian raptor in flight, clutching a ball that appeared disproportionately large in relation to its claws. This period marked a significant transformation in the visual representation of the team, emphasizing the predatory prowess and dynamic nature of the hawk. The exaggerated dimension of the ball possibly symbolized the immense focus and importance attributed to the sport within the team’s ethos, highlighting their commitment and passion for basketball. The altered imagery aimed at encapsulating the evolving spirit and renewed vigor of the franchise during its stint as the St. Louis Hawks.

1957 – 1968

Atlanta Hawks Logo 1957

At the onset of this era, a revamped emblem was sanctioned—concise and exceedingly simplistic. It’s devoid of any superfluous components, featuring solely a hawk, positioned with a ball tucked under its wing. The bird is adorned in athletic gear, inclusive of knee protectors. Every component is rendered in white, accentuated with red boundaries. This minimalist approach was likely conceived to emphasize the essential aspects of the team’s identity, focusing on the hawk and the basketball, symbolizing both the team’s name and the sport they participate in, thus creating a straightforward yet powerful visual representation. The simplicity and clarity of the design may reflect the team’s approach to the game, emphasizing fundamentals and core values. The emblem’s color scheme, with its bold red outlining, adds a sense of energy and passion, reflecting the team’s dynamism and commitment.

1968 – 1969

Atlanta Hawks Logo 1968

This emblem remains consistent with its predecessor, depicting a hawk grasping a basketball. The bird showcases a beak, sharp and hooked, paired with a gaze, intense and penetrating, and is adorned with a Hawks insignia. The creators elected to omit the text previously situated beneath the avian figure and altered the red contour to a black one. This adaptation in design serves to enhance the visual impact of the hawk, focusing on its commanding presence and the emblematic basketball, without the distraction of additional text. The modification in the outlining color to black accentuates the striking and bold essence of the logo, making it more distinctive and highlighting the formidable and resilient spirit of the team. The attention to detailing in the hawk’s features emphasizes the meticulous and precise nature of the team’s approach to the game, reflecting a relentless pursuit of excellence and victory in their endeavors.

1969 – 1970

Atlanta Hawks Logo 1969

Following the team’s relocation and the subsequent transition to being recognized as the Atlanta Hawks, explorations and revisions of the logo persisted. The revamped emblem illustrates a hawk, captured in stride, maneuvering a ball to the right. The placement of the talons conveys motion: one is grounded, while the other is elevated. The winged arms mirror this dynamic; the left is retracted, while the right is engaging in dribbling. The attire, a white jersey embellished with red typography, and knee protectors maintain their original design. This representation symbolizes not only the agility and speed inherent in hawks but also reflects the energy and forward momentum of the team. It’s a visual narrative portraying the blend of instinctive precision and strategic play, highlighting the relentless pursuit of triumph and excellence on the court. The continuity in the color palette and apparel elements establishes a connection with the past, preserving the essence of the team’s heritage while embracing evolution and progress.

1970 – 1972

Atlanta Hawks Logo 1970

The badge during this phase underwent a transformative redesign, evolving into a fundamentally divergent aesthetic. It is bifurcated into two segments: illustrative and typographic. The former houses a circular symbol, encapsulating a stylized depiction of a hawk characterized by its pointed beak. It resides within a verdant ring accented by a cerulean border, merging seamlessly with the avian illustration. Adjacent to this, the team’s name is artistically rendered in rounded uppercase lettering. The revamped design integrates dynamic elements and a fresh color palette, marrying contemporary stylization with the symbolic essence of the hawk, thereby creating a visual synergy representing the evolving spirit and vision of the club. The modern, yet timeless depiction underscores the team’s relentless pursuit of excellence and its commitment to a distinguished and cohesive identity in the ever-evolving world of sports.

1972 – 1995

Atlanta Hawks Logo 1972

In 1972, Atlanta saw the inauguration of a novel sports arena, and concurrently, the establishment of the hockey team, Flames. Consequently, the Hawks adopted a uniform palette of red, white, and yellow, paying homage to their newly-founded hockey counterparts. The logo, unveiled by the creators in 1972, boasted an emblematic and impactful design. It bore a semblance to Pacman—a renowned video game icon. However, the circular symbol indeed delineates a hawk. Its silhouette is articulated by a continuous red line, amalgamating the periphery of the circle with the contour of the avian figure oriented towards the right. This innovative emblem reflects a harmonious integration of dynamic creativity and iconic imagery, signifying the unified spirit and burgeoning evolution of the sports fraternity in Atlanta. The amalgamation of vibrant hues and unique design elements epitomizes the team’s enduring vitality and its multifaceted connection with the diverse and evolving sports landscape.

1995 – 2007

Atlanta Hawks Logo 1995

In 1995, the team’s emblem experienced considerable transformations, featuring a hawk rendered with heightened realism, soaring in the sky with its wings expansively unfurled. The bird is portrayed in profile, maintaining a forward gaze. The intimidating and formidable countenance is designed to instill a sense of awe amongst the adversaries. The avian creature clutches a basketball within its talons, characterized by a hooked appearance. The beak and talons are imbued with a yellow hue; the feathers exhibit a deep red tone, and the extremities of the wings and tail are tinged with black; the basketball possesses a light brown shade. The phrase “ATLANTA HAWKS” is strategically positioned above the depiction of the hawk, enhancing the visual impact and emphasizing the representation of strength, agility, and relentless pursuit inherent in the team’s ethos, symbolizing a harmonious blend of fierceness and precision.

2007 – 2015

Atlanta Hawks Logo 2007

In 2007, the club’s leadership initiated the subsequent phase in reshaping the club’s visual identity. Post-redesign, the creators preserved the existing emblem with modifications primarily in the typography and color spectrum. The shade of yellow was eliminated from the palette, the black was transitioned to blue, and the basketball was recolored to a gray tone. The subtle alterations in the aesthetic elements were instrumental in presenting a refreshed and contemporary look, subtly conveying an evolution in the club’s branding while maintaining the integral components of its visual representation, blending tradition with modernity in a seamless manner.

2015 – 2020

Atlanta Hawks Logo 2015

In 2015, a revamped emblem for the Atlanta Hawks was unveiled, coinciding with the rechristening of the organization to Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club. However, according to NBA stipulations, reutilizing an earlier version of the emblem is prohibited. The modern iteration is based on the emblem used between 1972 and 1995. This contemporary rendition features a reimagined “Pacman” at its core, presented in print form. The enhanced broad strokes make the hawk silhouette distinctly discernible. It is encapsulated by a robust, unbroken circle, hosting the inscriptions ATLANTA HAWKS (above) and BASKETBALL CLUB (below), all enveloped within a dual ring.

The text assumes a supplementary role, thus, the chosen font is uncomplicated and unobtrusive. The prevalent logo employs a truncated grotesque as it is devoid of conventional serifs. However, it does feature hook-like micro-extensions on the letter flanks, serving as subtle nods to the bird of prey’s pointed beak. The cardinal color scheme encompasses red, black, and white, with instances of blue and gray integrated transiently. This novel representation is imbued with subtle intricacies, melding iconic elements with a rejuvenated design language, encapsulating the essence of the team while aligning with contemporary aesthetics.

2020 – Today

Atlanta Hawks Logo

The Atlanta Hawks introduced a refreshed logo in anticipation of the 2020-21 NBA season. The creative team preserved the emblematic hawk, illustrated within a circle through the use of negative space, emblematic of the team’s assertive and dynamic playing style. The peripheral ring continues to feature the team’s moniker along with the term “BASKETBALL”. The typography is robust, employing square serifs. The shade of red employed is notably deeper compared to its predecessor. This evolutionary design maintains the essence of the franchise’s identity while incorporating subtle modifications, reflecting a more intensified and modern aesthetic in tune with the team’s progressive spirit.