Chicago Bulls Logo

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Chicago Bulls is a professional basketball team from Chicago. They are particularly known as a team where Michael Jordan spent his playing years. After his retirement, they faded into irrelevancy slightly, but they are still often in the top-10 teams of the Eastern league.

Meaning and History

The team started in 1966 – on the rise of the American basketball. Apart from their focus of aggressive play, there isn’t a good explanation as to why they adopted the name. But it was with them since the start, and they weren’t very keen on changing branding at all through the years.

What is Chicago Bulls?
The Chicago Bulls is a professional basketball team based in Chicago, Illinois. They compete in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and have a rich history with six championships, known for their iconic red, black, and white team colors.

1966 – today

Chicago Bulls Logo

The main logo consists of two parts: the lettering, and the bull’s head below it. The lettering is just the team’s name written in the usual ‘athletic’ style – the letters are blocky and have square appendages on the tips. The bull was where most of their artistic effort went into, however.

It’s a bull’s face staring right into your own eyes. From the aggressive features, strained face muscles and red palette, they meant it to be a fierce symbol. Considering that the logo only has three colors – black, white and red – it does product a fierce effect. Even the tips of the horns are red (from the blood, no doubt).

Emblem and Symbol

Chicago Bulls Emblem

The Bulls have a secondary wordmark emblem used irregularly. It’s a very basic red inscription. All it features is the word ‘Bulls’ in these thin, tall and blocky letters. The only other color is the black outline around them. What’s more, the word is upwards, which isn’t very usual for the sports teams.