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The International Boxing Federation (IBF) is a major organization in professional boxing. It sanctions title fights and ranks boxers globally. Robert W. Lee founded it to provide fairness and integrity in boxing. The creation took place in New Jersey, USA. The aim was to foster better competition and manage rankings more transparently.

Meaning and history

The International Boxing Federation (IBF) was established on September 1, 1983. Originally named the United States Boxing Association (USBA), it aimed to provide a national governing body for professional boxing. The change to its current name occurred in 1984, signaling its expanded ambition to gain international recognition. Key milestones include its first world title bout in December 1983. The federation has been part of many historic fights, gaining a reputation for strict adherence to its ranking system and fair title shot policies. Over the years, the IBF has played a crucial role in shaping the careers of numerous boxing legends.

What is International Boxing Federation?
The International Boxing Federation is a key entity in professional boxing. It sanctions fights and ranks boxers worldwide. Known for its rigorous ranking system, the IBF ensures fair opportunities for title contenders. Its establishment aimed to bring transparency and integrity to the sport.

1983 – Today

International Boxing Federation Logo

The logo prominently displays “IBF” in bold, blue letters at the top. Below, two red world maps on white backgrounds resemble globes. Positioned beneath these maps, two white boxing gloves feature red outlines and stitching details. The red continents cover the surface of the globes. Three blue stars align at the bottom of the circle, adding balance. A thin red and blue border encircles the entire design, providing a polished appearance. The logo uniquely combines geographic imagery with boxing elements, symbolizing the International Boxing Federation’s global reach and competitive spirit.