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The Sacramento Kings are a professional basketball team based in Sacramento, California. Competing in the NBA’s Western Conference, they aim to be top contenders in the basketball world. Owned by Vivek Ranadivé, their home games are held at the Golden 1 Center. With a dedicated fan base, they’re not just about sports; they’re a brand, marketing merchandise and hosting events. Under Coach [Current Coach’s Name], they’re striving for excellence on the court, developing young talent, and eyeing championship success. Their market extends globally, with fans and partnerships around the world.

Meaning and history

Sacramento Kings Logo history

The Sacramento Kings, hailing from California, boast a storied legacy in the NBA. Tracing roots back to 1923, they began as the Rochester Seagrams in New York. Transitioning into the Rochester Royals in the ’40s, they clinched an NBA Championship in 1951.

The team underwent geographical shifts: Rochester to Cincinnati in ’57, becoming the Cincinnati Royals. Stars like Oscar Robertson graced their roster. Yet, by 1972, facing competition, they moved to Kansas City and rebranded as Kings, symbolizing a fresh start.

In the late ’70s, they opted for another move, this time splitting games between Kansas City and Omaha. But by 1985, the allure of sunny California proved irresistible. The team migrated to Sacramento, retaining the “Kings” moniker.

Ownership changes marked their journey. The Maloof family, acquiring the majority stake in the late ’90s, held it until 2013. It was then that Vivek Ranadivé’s consortium took the reins, making landmark decisions for the team’s trajectory.

Modern times have seen the Kings focus on talent cultivation, with a keen eye on reclaiming their championship glory. Through ups and downs, relocations, and rebrandings, the Kings remain an iconic NBA presence.

1946 – 1957

Sacramento Kings Logo 1946

In their early days as the Rochester Royals, the team sported a distinct emblem resembling a shield with an angular design and two crescent shapes pointing downwards at its peak. The central portion of this symbol was bathed in blue, while the substantial border alternated between blue and white. Centrally positioned within the emblem was a pristine white banner, proudly displaying the name “ROYALS.” Right atop this banner, the city’s name “ROCHESTER” was prominently showcased, emphasizing the team’s geographical roots and identity. This design evoked a sense of tradition and pride, intertwining the team’s legacy with its place of origin.

1958 – 1971

Sacramento Kings Logo 1958

Upon relocating to Cincinnati, the team decided to shed its previous logo in favor of a fresh design. This updated symbol showcased a basketball personified with facial features and a majestic crown. Emblazoned on this image were the words “CINCINNATI ROYALS.” These words were rendered in bold, three-dimensional typography; the former arching gracefully at the emblem’s top, while the latter sat linearly at its base. Notably, the team’s moniker was also etched onto the crown, reinforcing the brand’s identity.

The illustration carried a playful, cartoon-like vibe yet maintained a simplistic aesthetic. Artists predominantly utilized blue for the design’s contours, keeping the inner sections pristine white, offering a clean contrast and enhancing the logo’s visual appeal.


Sacramento Kings Logo 1972

In 1972, the team unveiled a design destined to etch its mark in the annals of iconic logos. A fusion of a crimson and tangerine crown (upper section) with a cerulean basketball half (lower portion) crafted a distinct emblem, reminiscent of an age-old coat of arms boasting a circular foundation. Placed prominently over this structure was the inscription “CINCINNATI,” with the moniker “ROYALS” nestled gracefully within the crown’s confines. This blend of vibrant colors and classic elements hinted at both the team’s rich legacy and their forward-looking aspirations, creating a symbol that resonated deeply with fans and the broader sports community.

1973 – 1975

Sacramento Kings Logo 1973

Upon their relocation to Kansas City and subsequent rebranding as the Kansas City-Omaha Kings, the team underwent a significant logo transformation. They decided to bid farewell to the previous inscriptions, opting for a fresh approach. Nestled beneath the crown’s silhouette, the moniker “KINGS” found its pride of place. Further below, following the curvature of the basketball, the words “KANSAS CITY-OMAHA” were gracefully inscribed. This redesign aimed to mirror the team’s evolving identity while paying homage to their dual-city allegiance, presenting a visual representation that resonated with fans from both regions and showcased the team’s renewed vigor and commitment.

1976 – 1985

Sacramento Kings Logo 1976

With the team’s decision to streamline its name to the Kansas City Kings, a fresh logo revision was initiated. The designers decided to omit the reference to “OMAHA” entirely. Instead of its former place below the emblematic figure, the city’s name, “Kansas City,” was elevated, taking a prominent stance atop the visual design. This change not only reflected the team’s new identity but also aimed at offering a cleaner and more concise representation, ensuring the brand’s essence remained at the forefront, seamlessly blending tradition with the new direction the team was heading towards.

1986 – 1994

Sacramento Kings Logo 1986

Relocating the club once more resulted in a shift from the “KANSAS CITY” label on the logo, paving the way for “SACRAMENTO” to prominently feature. Alongside this alteration, the design team also embarked on a color transformation journey, taking the once bold red crown and infusing it with a richer, deep rose tint. This aesthetic modification not only resonated with the fresh start in a new city but also aimed to rejuvenate the team’s image, adding a touch of modern flair while honoring their storied past. The shift in color also symbolized a new era, as the team sought to establish its roots and identity in Sacramento.

1995 – 2016

Sacramento Kings Logo 1995

As 1995 approached, the Sacramento Kings unveiled an emblem that was a departure from their traditional design. The classic aesthetics were set aside as the creators ingeniously melded elements like a crown, a duo of crisscrossing lances, a basketball, a banner showcasing the word “SACRAMENTO”, and a prominent display of the term “KINGS”. The chosen color scheme was a harmonious blend of white, black, silver, and a rich shade of violet. This transformation was not just about refreshing the team’s image but also about embracing a new era, capturing the essence of modernity while acknowledging the team’s rich legacy. The design aimed to resonate with both longtime supporters and new fans, bridging the past and the present.

2016 – Today

Sacramento Kings Logo

During the 2016-2017 campaign, the club took a nostalgic turn, revisiting its classical design roots. The reimagining of the emblem was a collaborative effort involving the expertise of the renowned Hattiesburg, Miss. branding agency, the artistic touch of Rodney Richardson from RARE Design, and input from the Sacramento Kings’ own representatives. Initially, their ambition was to conceive an entirely fresh emblem, which led them to produce innumerable drafts, exploring themes of crowns, shields, swords, lions, and even the abbreviation “SK.” However, as the creative process unfolded, they found themselves gravitating back towards the iconic “crowned” basketball. This artistic journey, although starting with a vision of complete reinvention, culminated in a sophisticated refinement of a time-honored symbol, demonstrating the power of legacy in branding.