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The World Boxing Council (WBC) governs professional boxing with an international presence. Eleven countries established it to unify boxing rules and safety standards. The WBC actively enhances the sport globally. It promotes fair play, ensuring consistent regulations worldwide. The organization champions boxers’ rights, prioritizing their health and safety. By hosting high-profile matches, the WBC elevates boxing’s global appeal. It supports emerging talents and celebrates boxing legends. Through its efforts, the WBC strengthens the sport’s integrity and broadens its reach, fostering a worldwide boxing community.

Meaning and history

The World Boxing Council (WBC) was established on February 14, 1963, in Mexico City. Representatives from 11 countries founded it to create a unified set of rules and improve safety standards in professional boxing. The WBC quickly became a major force in the sport, introducing innovations like the reduction of championship bouts from 15 to 12 rounds for safety in 1983. In 1975, the WBC created the first computer-based rankings, enhancing the transparency of boxer ratings. Another significant milestone occurred in 2000 when the WBC introduced mandatory pre-fight medical examinations, further prioritizing athlete safety. In 2004, the WBC founded the Clean Boxing Program, advocating for anti-doping measures.

The organization continuously adapts to advancements in medical and sports science to protect fighters. Throughout its history, the WBC has sanctioned numerous legendary fights, crowning iconic champions. By emphasizing fair play and safety, the WBC has solidified its role as a leading authority in professional boxing.

What is World Boxing Council?
The World Boxing Council is a major global boxing organization. It sets rules, sanctions championship bouts, and aims to ensure safety and fairness in boxing. The WBC is recognized for its influence and authority in the sport.

1963 – Today

World Boxing Council Logo

The WBC logo features a muscular boxer raising red-gloved fists, surrounded by a ribbon of national flags. The ribbon forms a stylized “C” shape, symbolizing unity. Prominent flags include the USA, Ukraine, Japan, and the UK. Below the boxer, bold black letters spell out “WBC”. The logo’s colors are vibrant and diverse, reflecting the international nature of the organization. The design is modern, combining sharp lines and dynamic movement. The black and white elements contrast with the colorful flags, creating a striking visual impact. The overall effect is both powerful and globally inclusive.