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The World Boxing Organization (WBO) emerged as a global governing body for professional boxing. Luis Batista Salas and others established it to provide structure and regulation within the sport. They founded the organization in Puerto Rico. Its main goal is to enhance the sport through proper oversight and sanctioned boxing matches.

Meaning and history

The World Boxing Organization was officially formed on May 11, 1988. Its inception took place in Puerto Rico, where boxing promoters and managers united to establish a more democratic governing body in the sport. Over the years, the WBO has introduced various weight classes and championship titles, contributing significantly to the professional boxing landscape. Notable dates include the expansion of its sanctioning into Europe and Asia during the 1990s, establishing it as a prominent force in international boxing.

What is World Boxing Organization?
The World Boxing Organization is a key institution in professional boxing, overseeing numerous matches and rankings. It functions globally to regulate and promote boxing, ensuring fair play and competition. The WBO also ranks fighters and organizes championship bouts across various weight classes.

1988 – Today

World Boxing Organization Logo

The WBO logo stands out with its unique and professional design. A golden oval encloses a blue globe at its heart. In the center, the bold, red letters “WBO” grab attention, enhanced by a black shadow. Beneath these letters, the full name “World Boxing Organization” appears in a sleek, black font. At the logo’s base, two intertwined red boxing gloves symbolize the sport. This clean and authoritative design reflects the organization’s prestigious standing and effectively communicates its global influence in professional boxing.