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AFC, or the Asian Football Confederation, is the governing body of association football in Asia and Australia. Established in Manila, Philippines, it was founded by 12 founding members. The AFC was created to oversee and promote soccer in the Asian continent, organize competitions, and represent the interests of its members on the global stage. Its creation marked a significant step towards uniting Asian countries under the shared passion for football, fostering sportsmanship, and elevating the game’s standards across the region.

Meaning and history

AFC Logo history

The AFC, founded in Manila in 1954, united Asia’s football. Over decades, membership soared, reflecting football’s growing Asian appeal. Leadership shifts often mirrored broader football evolution, visionaries and strategists alternated, pushing diverse agendas. Notably, expansions in tournaments under different presidents showcased strategic shifts, enhancing the game’s quality and reach.

Headquarters moved to Kuala Lumpur in 1965, marking a new era of growth. The AFC’s commitment to youth and women’s football intensified, underscoring inclusivity. Challenges like governance issues prompted reforms, strengthening integrity.

The AFC stands as a pivotal football authority, continuously evolving to elevate Asian football on the world stage.

What is AFC?
The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) serves as the governing body for soccer across Asia and Australia, orchestrating the sport’s development, competitions, and cooperation among nations. Founded in the mid-20th century, it has grown into a cornerstone institution, nurturing the game from grassroots to professional levels across a vast and diverse region.

1954 – 2001

AFC Logo 1954

The emblem features a bold shield contour with a deep green backdrop, emblazoned with the acronym ‘AFC’ in prominent gold lettering. Flanking the letters are stylized, flame-like motifs, suggesting dynamism and energy, while a classic football sits at the base, anchoring the design with a nod to the sport’s universal symbol. The word “Asia” crowns the top, underscoring the geographic scope of this organization. The color choice of green and gold evokes a sense of prestige and vitality.

2001 – Today

AFC Logo

This logo presents a striking evolution from its predecessor, adopting a vibrant blue and golden-yellow palette. The ‘AFC’ acronym stands prominently in solid blue, symbolizing strength and unity. A stylized football, fragmented into yellow hexagons, bursts with a sun-like flare, implying a radiant future and the energetic spirit of Asian football. The circular motif suggests global inclusivity. The year ‘2001’ is subtly included, marking a significant milestone or redesign.