Arizona State Sun Devils Logo

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Arizona State University (ASU) ranks #1 in the United States for innovation, but its sports program is no less amazing. There are over 25 different sports that student-athletes play on a competitive level. The university has trained many outstanding athletes who excelled in baseball, basketball, and swimming. These include quarterback Brock Osweiler, swimmer Megan Jendrick, baseball player Ian Kinsler, and many others.

Meaning and History

Arizona State Sun Devils Logo history

Arizona State University was founded as the Territorial Normal School in 1886, almost 30 years before Arizona itself appeared on the map. Its athletic programs are just as old. It all started with a baseball game back in 1891.  Since then, the AZU had close to 200 Olympians who have represented many countries and earned 25 gold medals along with 12 silver and 23 bronze medals. The first medal was received in 1952. The name Sun Devils has been used since the mid-1940s, which replaced the nicknames Normals and Bulldogs. It comes from the natural phenomenon that is often called Dust Devil or simply a whirlwind.

What is Arizona State Sun Devils?
This is an athletics program in one of the oldest universities in the US – Arizona State University. The Sun Devil Club raises money to support the Sun Devil athletes, so they can perform at their best.

1980 – 2010

Arizona State Sun Devils Logo 1980

A cartoon-style depiction of a devil done in a maroon color serves as the main element of the logo. The character has a white outline, followed by maroon and then yellow of the same width. It has a yellow face with a wide-open grin that shows straight, white teeth. The outer ends of the eyebrows are raised, which gives it that devil look. The devil has a pointy tail that looks like an arrow.  It is holding a pitchfork that is done in the same colors as the devil itself. Pointing down diagonally, it is yellow in the center and follows the same border pattern as the one used on the main character.

2011 – Today

Arizona State Sun Devils Logo

The new logo continues the yellow and maroon color scheme. There is no more devil character, though. Instead, it is just a pitchfork facing upwards. There are three tines.  The drawing is very symmetrical and vertically elongated. It looks quite fancy with all the details on the handle, which include several vertical lines and several sharp spikes pointing down. All the ends are sharp. A maroon border around the yellow pitchfork adds that final professional touch.