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The Calgary Flames stand as a prominent ice hockey team. Originating in Atlanta, Georgia, the team later relocated to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The team’s inception stemmed from a desire to bring professional ice hockey to the region. The Flames quickly became a symbol of sportsmanship and community pride for Calgary.

Meaning and history

Calgary Flames Logo history

The Calgary Flames, initially founded in 1972 in Atlanta, moved to Calgary in 1980. Their journey began with a vision to enrich the sports culture in Atlanta. However, due to financial and operational challenges, the team found a new home in Calgary. This move marked a new chapter, with the Flames capturing their first Stanley Cup in 1989. Over the years, the team has seen various changes in management, coaching, and player lineup, continually striving for excellence in the competitive world of professional hockey.

What is Calgary Flames?
The Calgary Flames are a professional ice hockey team based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Competing in the National Hockey League (NHL), they have become a symbol of athletic excellence and local pride. The Flames’ history is rich with achievements, including winning the Stanley Cup.

1972 – 1980

Atlanta Flames Logo 1972

The logo showcases a bold, red “A”, representing Atlanta, with a flame gracefully dancing off its middle bar. The fire symbolizes energy and passion. Its design melds simplicity with symbolism, conveying heat and movement. The choice of red speaks to vigor and the burning spirit of competition. This emblem marries the letterform with the flame in a seamless fusion, embodying both the city and the fiery essence of the team it represents.

1980 – 1994

Calgary Flames Logo 1980

The logo features a vibrant red “C” outlined in golden yellow, igniting a sense of enthusiasm. It’s emblazoned with a stylized flame motif, suggesting ferocity and speed. This iconic symbol combines the initial of Calgary with the flames, reflecting the team’s name and its burning ambition. The color palette, with the fiery red and energizing yellow, captures the essence of the hockey team’s spirit and its Canadian identity. The design balances simplicity with powerful imagery, making a bold statement in the world of sports.

1994 – 2020

Calgary Flames Logo 1994

The updated logo adds a striking black outline, framing the red “C” and enhancing its prominence. This addition creates a bold contrast, making the logo stand out more distinctly. This subtle yet impactful change deepens the logo’s visual impact, suggesting a blend of tradition and contemporary edge. The black contour lines reinforce the team’s resilient and enduring spirit.

2020 – Today

Calgary Flames Logo

This logo retains the core elements while polishing the design. The red becomes richer, suggesting a deepened passion and drive. The yellow outline crisps to a golden hue, implying a standard of excellence. Flames licking off the “C” appear more streamlined, symbolizing swiftness and agility. This iteration subtly refines its look while holding true to its fiery heritage. The emblem’s evolution speaks to the team’s continuous quest for growth while honoring its roots.