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Humana is a U.S.-based health insurance company, founded by David A. Jones, Sr., and Wendell Cherry in Louisville, Kentucky. Initially a nursing home company, it evolved into one of the largest health insurance providers in the United States. Humana offers a wide range of health, wellness, and insurance products aimed at improving healthcare outcomes and providing accessible healthcare solutions to individuals, families, and businesses. Its creation marked a significant development in the American healthcare industry.

Meaning and history

Humana Logo history

Founded in 1961 in Louisville, Kentucky, by David Jones and Wendell Cherry, Humana began as a nursing home operator. Initially called Extendicare, it became one of the largest nursing home companies by the late 1960s. In the 1970s, shifting focus, it ventured into hospital business, changing its name to Humana in 1974. This era saw rapid growth; Humana built innovative, architecturally significant hospitals. The 1980s marked Humana’s pioneering in coronary artery bypass surgery. By the 1990s, transitioning into health insurance, it exited the hospital business. Humana is a health insurance giant, emphasizing digital health and well-being services, serving millions in the U.S.

What is Humana?
Humana stands as a titan in the health insurance sector, originating from a modest nursing home business in 1961 in Kentucky, USA. It has morphed into a beacon of healthcare solutions, offering a vast spectrum of insurance products and wellness services to a diverse clientele across the United States.

1961 – 1974

Extendicare Logo 1961

The logo showcases a bold, monochromatic design, featuring a stylized lowercase ‘e’ that loops back into itself, suggesting continuity and care. The word “extendicare” is rendered in a simple, clean font, emphasizing clarity and professionalism. The asterisk at the end adds a note of distinction or perhaps a silent footnote, signifying additional information or special quality. “Skilled nursing centers” is written in a smaller type, clearly stating the organization’s field of expertise. The overall design exudes a sense of strength and reliability, vital for a healthcare institution.

1974 – 1997

Humana Logo 1974

In this logo, the “Humana” name is presented in bold, black lettering, signifying solidity and trust. A distinctive feature is the graphic on the letter ‘H’, which consists of horizontal lines varying in length, conveying a sense of motion or progress. Unlike the previous logo’s complete focus on text, this design introduces a graphical element that could symbolize medical precision, a barcode for uniqueness, or a rising sun for a new dawn in healthcare services. The sans-serif font is modern and approachable, reflecting a company keeping pace with the future.

1997 – 2004

Humana Logo 1997

Transitioning from monochrome to color, the latest Humana logo embraces a teal human figure, suggesting vitality and growth. The logo has adopted a serif font in blue, contrasting with the previous sans-serif design, offering a classic touch. This figure, an abstract representation of a person with outstretched limbs, symbolizes an active, healthy lifestyle, aligning with Humana’s focus on health and wellness. The registered trademark symbol now accompanies the word “HUMANA”, indicating a solidified brand identity.

2004 – 2012

Humana Logo 2004

The figure has been removed, distilling the logo to just the word “HUMANA” in a robust, serif font in a singular blue hue. This minimalist approach underlines a confident, streamlined brand, focusing purely on the name. The consistent color suggests stability and trustworthiness, while the registered trademark symbol remains, denoting the company’s secured identity. This logo’s simplicity makes a bold statement, reflecting a modern, more focused corporate vision.

2012 – Today

Humana Logo

The logo has undergone a refreshing transformation, adopting a vibrant green color associated with health, growth, and vitality. The font is sans-serif, modern, and rounded, contributing to a more approachable and friendly corporate image. Gone is the formality of serifs, replaced with smoothness that implies ease and accessibility. This iteration speaks to a dynamic, environmentally conscious, and health-oriented brand image, signaling Humana’s commitment to life and well-being.