Purple Heart Emoji Meaning and Overview

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Nowadays, there are thousands of emojis, supported by mobile and computer applications, chats, messengers, and social media libraries. Many of them are used to symbolize human emotions or the thought difficult to describe in text messages. For example, hearts are the common symbols of showing affection, friendship, or love feeling to other persons. But even these cute icons vary in meaning and usage rules. Purple Heart is one of such smiles.

What does the Purple Heart emoji stand for?

Looking at what heart to use when writing messages to the close friends or relatives, and worrying about sending something wrong, of course one should know the meaning of the sent symbols. The Purple Heart icon has many meanings, one of which stands for vivid and sensitive love affection among people, supportive and respectful relationships, as well as passion. This is the common meaning for all hearts, but there are a few other meanings of this heart smile.

Purple Heart Emoji

What are the situational meanings of the Purple Heart emoji?

Sometimes, the image can be sent, accompanied by some other icons. For instance, it the combination of Smiling Face with Horns plus Purple Heart means something erotic, sexual, even dirty. It’s also put under the photos showing wealthy and glamour things, but this is rather additional meanings.

What is the BTS meaning of Purple Heart?

At certain situations, Purple Hearts can ornament the love texts sent to BTS k-pop group, as one of the band members, Tae, made the phrase ‘i purple you’. After this, the fans quickly understood what to do – spread the Purple emoji across the Internet alongside this phrase.

Purple heart logos

What does the Purple Heart mean for the U.S. veterans of the WWII?

Veterans prefer the Purple Heart as the sign of their bravery while serving in the American Armed Forces during the Second World War. They use it in their advertisement materials and social media as a symbol of recognition of their honor and pain during the battles with Italians, Japanese and Germans. Probably, it’s related to the eponymous medal, awarded to all the U.S. men who died while soldering. It has been given since 1932.

Other Meanings of Purple Heart

The emoji may be used to celebrate the International Purple Day on March 26th, proclaimed to distribute awareness of epilepsy. Or the heart can be sent to a friend or a soldier if he or she made something useful for the nation. The fellow workers can be motivated to work better and more effective. Alongside all this, sometimes (quite rare, actually), Purple Heart tells the fellow that he or she made a good statement, and should keep on. And so on.

Emoji Purple Heart

The Summing Up

The Purple Heart is a universal sign, used to describe emotions and thoughts people can’t express without smiles. This is a cute and simple tool to mark such things as love, affection, and fellowship as well as point on more situational aspects such as wealth, erotica, and others. With this icon, people also mark the Purple Day celebrations, thank soldiers or veterans for their serving, et cetera.