The Complete Guide for Heart Emoji Meanings

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No wonder why hearts are so popular. These universal cute images are used everywhere on the Internet for various reasons. With heart smiles, people often try to express what they can’t feature in a thousand words – love, affection, or friendship. But there are many heart smiles, developed by the designers from various teams and companies, and supported by Unicode Standard. They tend to mean various things or have an underlying message people not always understand.

The Complete Guide for Heart Emoji Meanings

Red Heart

red heart emoji

This minimalistic signature, being the fourth-used emoji across the Internet, is often related to such words as ‘love’, ‘happiness’, ‘beautiful’, or ‘like’. Sometimes, it’s also used to accompany the word ‘birthday’ in the chat message. This smile accompanies emotionally positive chat letters. Shortly saying, when people use the Red Heart smile, they want to send a message of love.

Purple Heart

purple heart emoji

It is often used in a combination with other hearts, such as red, for instance. What does the Purple Heart mean? It’s an unchanging part of the love messages sent to BTS – a worldwide pop music group based in Seoul.

Heart Suit

heart suit emoji

Suit is a signature drawn on the playing cards. Respectively, the Heart Suit emoji is not related to friendship or affection, but with other suit smiles – Club, Spade, or Diamond. How to differentiate this red heart from the first ed heart? Well, on the smile keyboard the Suit part is separated, and the heart itself has another coloring.

Green Heart

green heart emoji

Alongside Purple one, Green heart is used with its analogs, and it also stands for popular music boyband originating from South Korea – Neo Culture Technology (NCT), this time.

Blue Heart

blue heart emoji

For some reason, Blue Heart is the one companies and their social media marketers especially love to use in marketing texts. It’s only left to guess what does it mean, but many CTA messages are written with this emoji.

Yellow Heart

yellow heart emoji

Used in a line with other emojis, in Snapchat this golden and yellow image refers to somebody who clicks (or ‘snaps) you more often than the others. If this friend keeps the Yellow Heart for 2 weeks, he receives a Red heart smile.

Black Heart

black heart emoji

Black Heart is a picture depicting dark smile with two small highlighted places at the top part. People can use it to reflect death, pain, or sadness, sometimes in a form of black humor. However, it can be put in a message with other hearts and mean love.

Broken Heart

broken heart emoji

This is the same red love heart, but broken. And it features the feeling of the broken love, when people lose somebody they love deeply.

White Heart

white heart emoji

This is another iteration of the love heart, just painted white. This one is used to feature love, affection, as well as to chat about somebody who is dead but still loved. It’s often used combined with other hearts.

Brown Heart

brown heart emoji

People tend to use it when they want to chat about relationships between multicolored people, especially black ones. People use it together with Brown Square and Brown Circle. What’s notable, this is one of the least used hears of all, for some reason.

Orange Heart

orange heart emoji

It’s a smile to use in multiple inscriptions along other Heart Emojis. This is a relatively new article, introduced in 2017. Why was it made? Well, the story is simple – by the time this heart was designed, all rainbow colors had their own hearts, except for orange.

Two Hearts

two hearts emoji

This is a picture of two pink hearts, the upper one smaller than the lower one. In Snapchat, the Two Hearts image reflects that two people are friends during two months. This sign is also used to feature the idea that love is among people.

Sparkling Heart

sparkling heart emoji

It’s a simple pink heart with several stars surrounding it, making the heart look like it glitters. May be used to depict love affection to somebody, often with a joyful and happy subtext.

Heart with Arrow

heart with arrow emoji

This smile displays a pink heart broken through by a golden arrow, like it’s shot by a Cupid. This heart has a clear massage: some cupid shot a sender, and now he or she loves somebody.

Heart Exclamation

heart exclamation emoji

This is an ornamental expression sign, which depicts a heart, placed above a dot, both colored red. This is rather a simple expression mark, just styled as a heart.

Beating Heart

beating heart emoji

Using this icon, featuring a pink heart with multiple vibration lines placed at the shape perimeter, the sender usually wants to show large butterflies in his or her stomach, when writing a message to the lover.

Growing Heart

growing heart emoji

A pink icon with multiple contours, increasing their sizes, so it looks like there are several hearts one inside another. Obviously, this emoji is used to represent growing love feelings between two persons chatting with one another. Somebody, people use it to reflect an appreciation to somebody, but this is rare.

Revolving Hearts

revolving hearts emoji

Two pink hearts circle around each other, and their trajectory is displayed by two bold dashes. The larger heart is below, while the smaller one is at the top.

Heart with Ribbon

heart with ribbon emoji

A pink shape bundled with a golden-colored line. When a person sends it to somebody, it usually means a gift given from one texter to another. It may symbolize a chocolate box, jewelry case, or love feelings gifted to the loved one. This message  alludes that it have to be under protection.

Heart Decoration

heart decoration emoji

This one is a white heart put inside a violet square. Alongside the Heart Exclamation, this one is rather an ornamental sign.