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Emoji Shrug

What are emojis? They are minimalistic icons hidden in phone keypads. The common emoji icons represent emotions – from joy to sadness – with simple elements such as hearts, tears, smiles, etc. There are also icons representing people, objects, and even nature.

Each icon has a specific definition, which is influenced by the color, shape, and place where it’s been used. It is a popular subject of discussion among emoji researchers, as they can attach to specific events, music groups, people, etc. For example, the blue heart emoji can mean loyalty, peace, or sea.

What Are the Typed Emojis?

Emoji Icons

Among all of them, the emoticons created with keyboard symbols are especially notable. Being the earliest to appear, they often use punctuation marks like dots, bars, and brackets, as well as numbers and characters, or special marks, unavailable on regular keyboards.

Due to their simplicity, they are still often used in messages, despite the appearance of drawn emoji.  One such icon is the Shrug ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  symbol, a favorite of users who want to liven up their texts. If you’re a fan of typed emojis, let’s find out the meaning of Shrug & ways to use it.

The Idea behind Shrug

The  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  is used when you want to clear out your misunderstanding and confusion with the topic of discussion. You can also express a question using this emoji. It can indicate hidden irritation or refusal to deal with something to another person. It is all about reflecting doubt and misunderstanding, whether in a friendly or aggressive manner.

In short, it’s one of those emotions you use with the word ‘whatever’ to abstract yourself from the situation and show a lack of understanding. Notably, there is both a typed and less known drawn version of this emoticon – 🤷. They mean the same thing but differ in how they are typed. The following section is just about it.

How to Use the Shrug Emoji?

Use the Shrug Emoji

If you want to use a drawn version of the Shrug emoji, just tap its name in the search bar of the emoji section on your keyboard and select it. Things get more complicated regarding the typed version, as you can’t find it on the phone or type it using the laptop’s keyboard & library. However, several bypass options can help you.

The ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  on Android Explained

To add it to the message on Android-powered hardware, you should find ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ on the web and copy it from the text. Then, go to the phone setting to choose the ‘Language & Input’ option and tap on the ‘+’ symbol. When you do it, add the word ‘Shrug’ to your label area, and the respective emoji in the Word Type section.

If you don’t want to enter the emoji in your autocorrect library, you can just scroll the web for it, and then copy & insert within the text. CopyShrug is among the resources that offer this emoji. But it’s more uncomfortable as you will have to do it multiple times.

How to Use Shrug if You’re a Mac user?

Mac offers a different process that also includes you going to the web and copying this emoji. Then, you should select the Keyboard button and click Text. After you insert Shrug in the With section, add ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Shrug Emoji on Windows

Windows has not developed the automated correction tools yet. Disregarding this inconvenience, you can install third-party software applications to your PC or laptop. One of these apps is PhraseExpress, which lets you create shortcuts and find Shrug and other emoticons.

How to Use Shrug on iPhone?

As an iPhone user, you can also find this emoji on the Internet to copy it. Then, you can go to the device settings, click General, find the Keyboard section and choose Text Replacement. Afterwards, select ‘+’ and type the ‘shrug’ as a shortcut. In the Phrase area, paste ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.