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The WNBA has long been recognized as the best basketball league; for women, of course. It’s no secret that many young basketball players want to become part of it. However, not everyone succeeds. The draft is considered to be a lottery and only the best of the best win it. At the beginning of the 2000s, Australian Lauren Jackson was selected with the first pick in the draft. After Jackson, foreign basketball players poured into the WNBA.

Meaning and history

WNBA Logo history

America’s premier women’s basketball league was founded on April 24, 1996. The regular season runs from the end of the spring until the beginning of fall, followed by the playoffs, which end in mid-October. This way, league managers planned to fill the vacuum that occurs during the men’s tournament’s summer break. In the first year, the league consisted of eight teams, which were based in the home arenas of men’s NBA clubs. At the time, their names and color palette of equipment often coincided. Prior to individual clubs being sold to their NBA counterparts or other parties in 2002, the NBA owned the WNBA and its franchises.

What is WNBA?
WNBA is one of the best women’s basketball leagues in the world with twelve teams to watch and enjoy. Although not as popular as the NBA, the WNBA has gained more and more recognition over the years.

1997 – 2012

WNBA Logo 1997

The NBA logo inspired by Jerry West was used as the base for this emblem. The backdrop resembles a surfboard with one end being cut straight, while the other stayed pointed. It was placed at an angle to go with the silhouette of a running basketball player. The color palette of the logo is done in national blue, red, and white colors. The name, WNBA, is printed across the top using a sans-serif bold typeface.

2013 – 2019

WNBA Logo 2013

The logo had a major update fifteen years later. First of all, the new colors are bright and energetic orange and neutral, contrasting white. The WNBA logo was still similar to the NBA version, repeating the same shape and seemingly holding the silhouette inside that shape. The woman here is wearing a ponytail instead of short hair. She also has the ball high at the top as if it is going to be thrown into the net at any moment. This creates a feeling of achievement and high goals. The name in this version has moved to the lower right corner.

2019 – Today


The logo was updated once again for the 23rd season. A bun hairdo with attractive curves presents the player as a strong and modern woman. Many believe that the logo depicts Susan Bird, who has won over 300 games and holds titles in three different decades. Nonetheless, it was officially stated that the silhouette celebrates every athlete that was ever part of the association. It is a symbol of a graceful, yet strong and goal-oriented woman. One of the major changes, though, is the fact that the woman is not constrained by any frames. It is a sign of more freedom and spreading acknowledgment of the league. Also, the WNBA name in the logo was expanded. The color of the logo was preserved. The New York company Sylvain Labs worked on the logo creation.

Font and Color

The original version featured the same color palette as the NBA log. These were the three national colors that made the logo appear patriotic. These colors also simply look bold and strong, just like the women of the WNBA. Since 2013, the logo has been done in orange and white. The orange color not only repeats the color of the baseball ball, but is also considered optimistic, energizing, confident, and independent.

Although all three versions feature different fonts, they are all relatively simple and clean and do not have serifs. the original logo had “W” and “A” done with curved strokes as in the Yafferbuddle 4 Heavy Italic by Aah Yes, but the “N” and vertical line of the “B” were done using straight strokes. The next logo features a rounded font with a double line similar to Competition M XCondensed. The latest version uses a font that resembles Eurostile Unicase Pro Regular font.