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WRC stands for the World Rally Championship. Motorsport’s governing body, the FIA, established it. It originated in Europe to determine the world’s best rally drivers and manufacturers. This championship combines various terrain types, testing driving skills to the limit.

Meaning and History

WRC Logo history

The World Rally Championship (WRC) was born out of the international rally races that were first held in 1973. Its creation provided a platform for competing in extreme conditions, showcasing driving excellence across continents. Notable milestones include the introduction of the Group B cars in the 1980s, known for their power and speed, and the evolution to more sustainable technologies in the 2000s. The WRC has expanded globally, influencing car technology and driver skills development.

What is WRC?
WRC is the premier championship of rally racing. It assesses teams’ and drivers’ prowess on mixed surfaces under varied environmental conditions. Events are held worldwide, featuring gravel, tarmac, and snow, all demanding high levels of technical skill.


WRC Logo old

The logo displays bold, uppercase lettering spelling “WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP”. A stylized race car sits atop, abstracted to basic shapes. Monochromatic tones suggest sophistication and authority. The car’s dynamic angle conveys speed and competition. This emblem symbolizes the global pursuit of rally racing excellence.


World Rally Championship Logo

The updated logo trades the prior’s figurative elements for stark, modern typography. “WRC” adopts a fluid, continuous line, suggesting a race track’s undulations. The full “FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP” below adds gravitas in a clean, sans-serif font. It’s a minimalist turn, focusing on the acronym and the official title without distraction. This design speaks to a streamlined, contemporary identity for the championship.