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Bharat Petroleum is a leader in the Indian energy industry, established in 1976. Being the 2nd biggest downstream petroleum supplier, BP controls the three large refineries in Bina, Kochi, and Mumbai, with a total oil output of 310,000 barrels per day. Half of the company stakes belong to the state of India, which makes BPCL one of the largest state-controlled companies in the nation.

Meaning and history

In the 1940s-1950s, Burmah Shell Oil Storage and Distributing Company was a prominent player in the Indian market, distributing kerosene and fuel across Indian villages and towns. It was a joint project by British and American companies, including the Royal Dutch, Standard Oil, and Shell.

In 1951, Burmah Shell partnered with the government to build a refinery plant in a Bombay suburb called Trombay. It allowed Burmah Shell to expand its activities and transform into a modern oil and gas firm, exporting its products abroad.

This growth continued for 25 years until Burmah Shell was nationalized in 1976. The newly formed governmental company quickly changed its name to Bharat Refineries Limited, but then changed its name again to Bharat Petroleum and approved a new logotype. The company marks this year as the date of establishment.

What is Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited?
Bharat Petroleum is an Indian producer of petrochemical products, founded in 1976. This is the 2nd largest oil brand in India, which is controlled by the government. Today, BPCL manufactures 310,000 barrels a day, making a total revenue of $54 billion.

1976 – today

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited Logo

The corporate logotype features a circle with a ring inside it. The circlet, in its turn, contains two separate drops placed in a position similar to yin and yang. Sometimes, they put this emblem inside a yellow rectangular frame. In this case, the name shows up inside an adjacent rectangle below the edge.

What’s the meaning of the emblem then? Well, the yin and yang symbol symbolizes constant movement, dynamic, and innovation. The background circle means balance and trustworthiness. Finally, the smaller ring stands for loyalty and clearness. The coloring expresses these features.


Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited Emblem

The official color palette of the BP brand identity has been composed of yellow, white, and blue. Here’s how they have been used: the two drops, being an image of movement and activity, are painted yellow, as it’s the shade of movement and energy; the bigger circle is blue and reflects balance; the small ring is white and stands for loyalty. The extended logotype shows the yellow rectangles and the blue name.


Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited Symbol

The name has a classic and balanced typeface with bold sans-serif letters. They have a smaller space in between.