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Saudi Aramco is a government-owned oil and gas corporation from Saudi Arabia, based in Dhahran. In fact, the company is the major contributor in Saudi economy, being the world’s second-largest oil keeper, and the premier petroleum producer. As of 2021, they keep 12% of the world’s proven petroleum reserves, 14% of its export, and they control 10% of its global production.

Meaning and history

Saudi Aramco Logo history

The company was established as a venture project, meant to manage a concession contract, signed by the Saudi King and Standard Oil in 1933. After a two-year research, the newly formed California Arabian Standard Oil Company found oil in Saudi desert and started drilling. Conducting a constant surveying, CASOC searched for new oil sources and expanded the petroleum manufacturing.

By 1949, the company had overgone a threshold of 500,000 barrels a day. The next year, the 1200 km long Trans-Arabian Tapline was finished, linking Arabian and Mediterranean region and being the longest pipe worldwide.

During the 60s and 70s, the company not only proved their economic capability, but also became a major force in global economy, coming from thousands and millions barrels a day to billions. The government of Saudi Arabia, noticing this growth, made a course on complete saudization of the company, first buying 25% of its shares in 1973, another 60% in the following year, and then the rest of the stakes in 1980. All this led to the formation of Saudi Arabian Oil Company or Saudi Aramco – a state entity to take control over all operations of former CASOC.

This new player on the global market would arrange close partnership with international oil producers in the 1980s and 1990s. In 1989, SA and Texaco founded a venture petroleum company called Star Enterprise, In the 90s, Aramco purchased the shares of large petroleum manufacturers and sellers, based in Greece, South Korea, and Philippines.

In the new century, Aramco also started to invest in scientific activities. They set up a group of research and development facilities for their scientists, occupied in petrochemical science researches.

The new millennium also brought the digital era of the company. The company paid more attention to its branding. They’ve developed a website, a corporate identity, and an official symbol to describe their vision, mission, and values.

What is Saudi Aramco?
Saudi Aramco is the national oil and gas producer of Saudi Arabia. It was founded in  1933 by Standard Oil and the Saudi King. After the nationalization in the 80s, Aramco became the largest petroleum manufacturer and marketer, occupying 10% of the world’s production and 12% of reserves.

2001 – 2019

Saudi Aramco Logo 2001

The original Saudi Aramco logotype featured the brand’s wordmark and an emblem to the left.

The word signature consists of two inscriptions, both reading the corporate name: the upper one is in Arabian, while the lower one is in English. Both letters have the same script and symbol size, but the Arabian text fledges to the left a bit.

The emblem showed a ten-edged star, composed of multiple small circles, thinning out at the tips and grouping close to the center. This star ranged along the borderline of two halves of a square, containing it. These two parts looked like triangles, each colored a slight gradient.

2019 – today

Saudi Aramco Logo

Their following logo actually features the same features, but in another look. However, there were some modifications affecting the square, which became brighter and shifted down, and the nameplate, which now read just ‘Aramco’ word and a refreshed typeface.


Saudi Aramco Emblem

The brand coloring features the brand’s history in symbolic shades. The original logotype, for instance, shows the blue name caption, as this color reflects clearness in partnership and business. However, this same color reflects another thing when used in the Aramco’s emblem. The blue half of the square symbolizes sky, while the green one stands for earth. The white star symbolizes the benefits one can get from oil, hidden in the soil. What’s notable, this star also reflects drilling plants of the company, working in precisely calibrated places, which makes them extra valuable.

In the new logotype, they brightened the emblem, making it more distinctive. The name here is colored pale gray.


Saudi Aramco Symbol

The Saudi Aramco wordmark has a lowercase typeface with streamlined characters, which have small intervals. Some letters have a shape of drops, deriving to the product the company sells.