Black Heart Emoji Meaning and Treatment

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What is the heart emoji? It is a way to show love or other feelings to the person who received a message with this icon. But people actually use the heart for different purposes. They tend to post it in the texts related to some international days, specialized topics, or as the symbols supposed to reflect values and goals of the sender. The Black Heart emoji takes part in the list of such symbols – it may be sent in various massages, related to love, sadness, or sorrow. Many other meanings may be bearded in minds of those who send Black Heart icons in their texts.

What is the general meaning of the Black Heart emoji?

Generally, this icon is used to depict deep sadness, caused by death of someone loved and respected. Due to this, Black Heart is a great smile for a rainy nasty day, when the sender feels dead inside. But sometimes, this heart doesn’t mean anything bad – people tend to send in love messages, putting the Black Heart after the text. Actually, all hearts symbolize love or admiring, but due to the color they may have some other meanings.

Black Heart Logo

What else does the Black Heart smile represent?

Sometimes this heart is put in dark humoristic messages. The icon may be used accompanied by other smiles in painful or pervert jokes. There, the heart plays a role of an indicator symbolizing kidding.

What is the emo meaning of the Black Heart?

The text may contain this smile if it’s sent by a misunderstood or emo person. These people sometimes feel like they have a dark heart, and nobody listens to them, and they certainly have to translate their feelings everywhere with the Black Heart smile put along other sad smiles and words.

Black Heart Matter

What is the BLM meaning of the Black Heart?

The Black Heart Matter movement also tends to use this icon in a line with other black emojis, featuring human body parts. The representatives may put the heart in marketing articles, forum recordings, and social media posts. These texts may combine the #BLM tag or the supporting words addressing towards the demonstrants, as well as the proper heart at the end of the lettering.

Why does the Black Heart smile mean for political and social influencers?

Sometimes, the heart may be seen together with the Brown Heart – a smile, often used in the texts about racial variety. Also, the Black Heart Emoji shows support to the LGBTQ+ movement, if it’s placed in a line with other hearts. By using the black one along other hearts, one can show that he or she respects inclusivity and pluralism of opinions in the online and physical space.

Black Heart emoji

Why is it important to know the Black Heart emoji meaning?

Various keyboards represent a rich library of smiles, suitable for different situations. There are more than 3000 smiles, all having their own meanings. The hearts are the special smiles, able to represent the feelings of the sender, the values and thoughts he or she has. Hence the need to know the meaning of the Black Heart icon – it may refer to various thing, and people may understand it wrong or even offensive if they got the message or post with a heat out of line. It refers especially to online influencers, who have to check their posts thoroughly to not offence somebody.