Blue Heart Emoji Meaning and Using: What is This Symbol Supposed to Reflect?

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Smiles are an effective way to make the social media publications and chat messages more expressive and distinguished. These small multicolored icons can make an eye-catching impression on the reader, but if the sender doesn’t catch what he or she sends, it can mess up the whole text. The quantity of smiles plays its role too, so it’s great to learn what the emoji is about before sending it.

For example, hearts color can stand for various meanings, including k-pop bands related, racial ones, and off course love and death meanings. The Blue Heart is an icon widely used by the brands and people across the online forums, blogs, and social media. But why do they use this smile and what is it supposed to symbolize? This article explores this topic.

What does the Blue Heart emoji stand for?

This heart icon refers to loving, admiring, or affecting feelings to another person, alongside other colored hearts. But the blue shade is usually associated with trustworthiness, safety, openness, and support. In some cases, one may also use it to feature the partnering and loyal relationships or friendship. By the way, there are several other meanings of this icon.

Blue Heart Emoji

What does the Blue Heart Emoji mean for the companies?

Due to the properties of blue color, the social media marketers and company representatives, active in blogs and forums use the Blue Hearts smiles in their calls to action, or marketing texts. It’s proved that the blue coloring inspires a potential buyer to check the advertisement or product, as it’s often related to clearance and insurance, as well as safety. The smile sometimes goes accompanied by Backhand Index Pointing Left emoji – a yellow smile, featuring a fist with the pointing finger open.

Where else is the Blue Heart emoji used?

The Blue Heart may be used in the messages and social platform records especially if the text or the photo describes something symbolically or literally related to blue – the blue clothes, or the sky, for example. People also tend to use it chatting about sea animals.

Blue Heart Logo

What do autists mean using the Blue Heart?

The blue heart emoji may also refer to the World Autism Awareness Day, celebrated every year on April 2nd. The Blue Heart was chosen due to the shade: in the tests, people with autism spectrum disorder often choose blue or dark blue as the preferable color.

What does the Blue Heart emoji mean for the medical workers?

People also tend to use the image when they want to pay attention to the hard work of nurses, doctors, and other medical personnel working in hospitals or in army. Sometimes, the icon is placed in the profiles in support for the National Health Service of the United Kingdom. All this is related to the most common corporate color of a majority of medical organizations – blue, focused on safety and professionalism.

Blue Heart with Star


The hearts are very useful smiles as they symbolize the feelings people can’t express with a thousand words, such as those related to romance, friendship, or admiration. But some of the colored hearts may have particular meanings in some cases. The Blue Heart smile is one of those icons. It may be used to feature love, as other hearts, but it’s also a symbol of trustworthiness, recognition, and safety. Medical workers and people with autism tend to use the blue images in their posts, as both groups use it in their images. In fact, the emojis may have various usages, suitable in particular situations. The Blue Heart smile is not an exception.