Emoji Meanings: 10 Most Unused Emojis and What They Stand For

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What do the emojis mean?

Emojis are dynamic or stable images used to describe human emotions in a message or express something not using text. Via these small pictures, people communicate with each other in public networks, forums, chats, and other points of presence on the Internet. In the modern global social platforms, it’s basic that counterparts from any place of the world may contact and make an acquaintance. Various cultures’ representatives have a different understanding of human emotions. People can also not have to write something, so they tend to send a small yet understandable sign to explain the situation. Hence the need for emojis – they are the universal tools of communication as each of them has its own meaning and name.

How were the emojis invented?

In the end of 1990s, a designer from Japan named Shigetaka Kurita worked for a public communications company producing internet software. Once he faced a trouble of a limited quantity of symbols in the text on the platform. To solve it, he suggested creating small smiles featuring emotions and gestures. The very name means is probably derives from ‘emotions images’ wording merged to take less symbols. This idea was so successful so since its invention over 3000 emojis were invented by various graphical designers to use in forums, social media, chats, et cetera. Each of these smiles has a proper role in the online communication among people.

Emoji Meanings 10 Most Unused Emojis and What They Stand For

Getting to the point

As there are hundreds of emojis offered to use in different social networking systems, it would be wrong to try remembering them all, even if they’re similar from media to media. People tend to utilize a very limited set of internet smiles, which is rarely being added to. However, it would still be interesting to explore new smiles. This article, being a guide for internet smiles, explores ten of the emojis used rarely by the people.

Face in Clouds

face in clouds emoji

This smile represents a yellow face glancing from inside the clouds, fog, or smoke, featured in multiple circular contours. Using this emoji, one usually means fogginess in mind, misunderstanding, or misinterruption.  It also has a more literal meaning – when the sender is in the foggy or cloudy place at the moment of sending. It’s also famous as Brain Fog, Forgetful, and Haze. This emoji has some variations, which represent clouds of different shape, or another face.


pager emoji

Pager Emoji is a great example of a smile invented when the technology it’s showing was almost forgotten. The image shows, surprisingly, the pager – a tool once used to send text messages to one another. Pagers became useless with the advent of telephones, which allowed way more than text massages. The smile shows a black rectangle with a big screen, displaying ‘555-3215’ numbers, and three buttons – red, green, and gray.

Open Mailbox with Lowered Flag

open mailbox with lowered flag emoji

The smile shows a blue and gray colored box without a lid. On its side, there is a red flag pointing down. Why the flag is lowered and the box is open? Well, it’s only left to guess. There are four versions of this smile, featuring the flags in a different position and the box open or closed. For some reason, in all stats this particular mailbox emoji is the least used on the Internet among the mailbox smile line.

White Heart

white heart emoji

Everybody knows about heart smiles. There are multiple versions for the people of various color preferences and desire. So, in 2019, Unicode Standard added white heart in this multicolored heart list. What does the White Heart emoji mean? It is usually used to symbolize love, connection to the people, or to have a chat about those who passed away but are still much loved. The heart itself is quite a popular smile, but the white one is used rarer than, for instance, the blue one. What does it mean? It’s another heart image, used as a neutral heart color by the brands.

Oncoming Taxi

oncoming taxi emoji

The New York yellow taxi with yellow lights and a distinctive inscription at the rooftop may be a symbol of the city, but it’s rarely used on the web. Perhaps it’s related to the fact that the smiles with transport measures tend to be the most rarely sent in chats of all. Or, maybe, there are just more used smiles such as Taxi Emoji, depicting the similar New York yellow cab with checkered pattern in profile.

Card Index

card index emoji

It is another smile which appeared by the time the thing shown on it became useless. People used card index to find their business contacts before the mobile telephones were introduced and spread across the world. This smile shows a device consisting of multiple white sheets, one of which is turned over. It shows some data about a man and his photo. The sheets are kept together by a black constriction with two rings put through the holes in the sheets.


monorail emoji

Monorail is such railway where the road consists of a single rail or metal bar, on which a specially designed train goes on. These vehicles are used mostly in crowdy cities of Asia, so it’s not widely popular in the outside world. And as the matter of fact, monorail train has its own smile, depicting a white, gray and blue vehicles driving on a track, supported by three columns from below.

Suspension Railway

suspension railway emoji

This smile features a yellow, blue and white cabin moving on a gray track, to which it’s suspended at the top. Just like the Monorail, it’s a vehicle using a single bar in the track, like a light rail train. These cabins are positioned mostly in the mountains or the places with sea landscapes. It’s separated from the ground, like an aerial tramway and mountain cableway. And just like the smiles for them, the Suspension Railway emoji is not very popular.

Lowercase Latin letters

lowercase latin letters emoji

There are multiple emojis representing these squares with Latin letters, including different characters. But it’s hard to find anyone using these smiles seriously as they don’t fit many of the texts in the posts and messages. By the Emojipedia, these smiles depict the letters on the computer or telephone keyboard.

Mountain Railway

mountain railway emoji

Mountain Railway is another emoji depicting a train. This time, the designers drew a beige vehicle with several green, yellow, and blue lines at the bottom of the van, and a green rooftop. The train drives on the railway track, crossing a mountain landscape. There are several versions, varying from keyboard to keyboard, but they all have the similar feature: they’re one of the least used smiles.

Of course, these emojis are not used very often simply because there are many other more attractive smiles symbolizing various things. Companies and people use smiles as a way to translate their values, feelings, and goals. For example, the meaning of Snapchat emojis. The application researches how often you communicate with your friends and confer a smile to your profile. Each emoji has its own meanings, some of the smiles are used very often, like red heart, while others are hard to find.