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The Columbus Blue Jackets are a professional ice hockey team. They compete in the National Hockey League (NHL). John H. McConnell founded the team. The team was established in Columbus, Ohio. It was created to provide the city with its own ice hockey franchise and to expand the NHL’s presence in the United States.

Meaning and history

Columbus Blue Jackets Logo history

The Columbus Blue Jackets, an NHL franchise, emerged in 2000, rooting ice hockey deeply in Ohio’s capital. Their name honors Civil War valor, reflecting Ohio’s significant contribution with the Blue Jackets moniker symbolizing the Union soldiers. Their logo, a star-studded ribbon encircling a hockey stick, merges state pride and sports fervor. They hit the ice in Nationwide Arena, growing a loyal fan base. Their journey includes milestones like their 2009 playoff debut and a memorable 2019 series win, showcasing their growing prowess on the ice. Their saga continues, etching their legacy in hockey lore.

What is Columbus Blue Jackets?
The Columbus Blue Jackets are an NHL hockey team based in Columbus, Ohio. They were founded to bring professional hockey to the city and to honor Ohio’s Civil War contributions. The team plays its home games at Nationwide Arena.

2001 – 2007

Columbus Blue Jackets Logo 2001

In this emblem, a red ribbon artistically twists to outline the letters “C” and “B”, representing Columbus Blue Jackets. A star shines atop the formation, implying excellence and victory. Navy blue and red dominate, with white stars scattered across, echoing the American flag’s stars. The ribbon gracefully encircles a hockey stick, which subtly crafts the letter “J”, blending sport and patriotic homage seamlessly.

2007 – Today

Columbus Blue Jackets Logo

This modernized Columbus Blue Jackets logo radiates sleekness and movement. The central star, sharp and prominent, commands attention. It sits atop a backdrop of swirling red and white stripes, giving a sense of dynamism, evocative of a flag unfurling in the wind. The enclosing silver outline forms a subtle ‘C’, hinting at ‘Columbus’. Stars dot the lower half, with one large star and a red disc reflecting Ohio’s state flag. The design omits textual elements, favoring strong visual symbols that speak to history, location, and the energy of hockey.