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Sometimes users of social networks have a question, what does a particular emoji mean in a particular message, because not only the official Unicode set is constantly updated with new images, but also some emoji change their meanings depending on the latest Internet trends.

Of course, there are emoji that are difficult to interpret in different ways, but there is also a separate category of emoticons that require further clarification or clearer context, one such is the Drool Emoji, which we will talk about today.

The 🤤 Drool Emoji was assigned the code U+1F924, with which it was added to the Faces and Emotions section of the Unicode 9.0 standard in 2016.

Meaning of the Drool Emoji

Drool Emoji

Emoji with saliva flowing from the mouth may emphasize the inability to control oneself, one’s emotions, habits, one’s behavior, one’s reflexes, perhaps even characterize to a sufficient degree and inadequate state, including psychological and emotional, etc. At the same time, saliva secretion (increased salivation) can also be a part of some disease or illness.

It should be noted that perhaps the semantic meaning of this emoji may carry a deeper inner disturbance – an emotional state of indifference to everything and enough of the speaker – “I don’t care, even if the grass doesn’t grow!”.

If we consider the expression with a positive component “drooling” (in comparison with similar “appetizing”), which means a strong desire for something.

The drooling emoji has several different moods. There is a positive emoticon, smiling, and there is a sad one. But the flowing saliva means the same thing – a strong desire. The emoticon conveys the emotion of “drooling”. A person really wants something and to such an extent interested in the object of desire that he drools.

The desire can be positive, passing into admiration and joy. And it can be surprised. So this emoji is surprised at what it has been shown or told about and is very eager to get it.

The Use of the Drool Emoji

Drool Emojis

On various platforms the drooling face emojis indicate the desire to get something that is very desirable. What you want so “drooling”, i.e. in the superlative degree strongly. Want so that dizzy, and in the imagination there are images of the desired, for example, a huge deliciously cooked crab, lobster.

It can be a desire for intellectual property – a book, a painting. And other other material value.

And there can be a more intimate interpretation of this emoji – it can often be found in messages with the implication of flirting and flirtation, as well as in sexting, in the meaning of “waiting for a meeting”.

Depending on your mood, you can send this emoji if you really want something, be it a certain thing, a delicious meal or something else.


So, today we got acquainted with one of the ambiguous emoji from the standard Unicode set. This is exactly the case when you should be careful when sending a face with current saliva to your interlocutor, because he can interpret it in different ways. Of course, the main meaning of the Drool Emoji is to strongly desire something or to wait for the moment, but based on the above, it is possible to offend someone with this emoji. So be careful when sending it to someone you don’t know good enough.