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Manchester United is one of the most popular football clubs in the world. He has fans in almost all countries, they regularly follow the team’s results. The history of the club began in 1878 under the name Newton Heath LYR, the modern name originated in 1902.

Meaning and history

Manchester United Logo history

Manchester United, commonly referred to as Man United or simply United, is a professional football club based in Manchester, England. The club was founded in 1878 as Newton Heath LYR Football Club and was later renamed as Manchester United in 1902.

Manchester United is one of the most successful football clubs in the world, having won a record 20 league titles, 12 FA Cups, 3 European Cups, and 1 Club World Cup, among other domestic and international trophies. The club has also produced numerous legendary players, such as George Best, Bobby Charlton, Eric Cantona, David Beckham, and Cristiano Ronaldo, to name a few.

What is Manchester United?
Manchester United is one of the top English football clubs, created in 1878. Throughout its history, Manchester United has been known for its attacking style of play and its ability to produce home-grown talent. The club has also had some notable rivalries, such as with Liverpool, Manchester City, and Arsenal.

1878 – 1891

Manchester United Logo 1878

In 1878 Manchester United began playing under the name Newton Heath. The oval logo, elongated vertically, depicts a man in a shield, and the name of the club is also on the emblem.

1891 – 1901

Manchester United Logo 1891

In 1891, the emblem acquired the form of a shield. It was decorated in the colors of the team (green and yellow), it had the name and a soccer ball at the bottom.

1902 – 1940s

Manchester United Logo 1902

The first coat of arms of the team appeared in 1902 after receiving the modern name. The logo has nothing to do with what millions of fans are used to seeing. On the logo, a lion and an antelope with red roses in their teeth (the symbol of Lancashire County) hold a shield with a ship at the top and three gold stripes on a red background at the bottom. Above the shield is a helmet, even higher – a globe, symbolizing the commercial skill of the inhabitants of the city. The ship is also a symbol of trade.

1940s – 1960

Manchester United Logo 1940s

The 1940 badge has streamers on the top and bottom with the name of the team. In the center is a shield with a ship at the top and a devil at the bottom.

1958 – 1970

Manchester United Logo 1958

In 1958, the logo took on a modern shape. Characteristic stretch marks appeared, on the top it says “MANCHETER UNITED”, on the bottom – “FOOTBAL CLUB”. In the center is a shield with familiar elements – stripes and a ship from the coat of arms of the Manchester City Council. It is interesting that on the sides there were not red, but white roses, this symbol still causes a lot of controversy.

1970 – 1973

Manchester United Logo 1970

In 1970, the logo acquired a more voluminous look, due to the combination of red and yellow colors. At this time, they abandoned the image of the devil, returned to one of the first versions with a ship at the top of the shield and a flag with three stripes at the bottom.

1973 – 1998

Manchester United Logo 1973-1978

Manchester United is nicknamed the “Red Devils”. The devil appeared on the logo in 1970, he replaced three stripes on the shield. The lettering has not changed, but now it has been written in white letters on a red background. The roses were replaced with a ball, it turned white on red, everything was brought into the same style. In 1993, minor changes were made to the emblem, using gold instead of white.

1992 – 1993

Manchester United Logo 1992
In the 1992-1993 season, a logo was used in which the black borders were removed, and a lighter shade of yellow was used.

1998 – 2021

Manchester United Logo

In 1998, a logo was created that reflects the essence of the club. The words “FOOTBALL CLUB” were removed from the logo, now the inscription “MANCHESTER” flaunts at the top, and “UNITED” below. There are soccer balls on the sides.

Color and font

For the first time, a well-known font appeared on the 1970 logo, before that it used a letter style that was not unique. The emblem is decorated in red and gold colors, which symbolize a strong team spirit.