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Novartis is a multinational pharmaceutical corporation that today consists of six business divisions. These include modern prescription drugs, eye care products, high-quality generics, over-the-counter products, vaccines and test systems, as well as drugs for animals. The main areas of R&D are oncology, neurology, cardiovascular diseases, ophthalmology, and biological medications. The company is also active in other areas important for modern medicine and humanity, such as immuno-oncology and anti-aging products.

Meaning and History

Novartis Logo history

Novartis is translated from Latin as “new achievements”. The company apparently foresaw its long-term plans in advance. Having introduced the word “achievement” into its name, it left itself no choice but to achieve more and more new results, not only in the medical field but also when it comes to finances. It was established in 1996 as the result of the fusion of two other significant Swiss pharmaceutical firms. They had the whole Swiss chemical sector. To compete with the German chemical cartel IG Farben, the three businesses united in 1918 to establish the Basel IG cartel. All three businesses were founded in the 18th and 19th centuries and opened or purchased factories in a number of European nations and the USA.

What is Novartis?
The second-largest pharmaceutical firm in the world, Novartis is a multinational business. In terms of market share, it is also the second-largest maker of pharmaceuticals in Europe. The company operates in close to 150 countries with the main office located in Switzerland.

1996 – 2017

Novartis Logo 1996

The name of the new corporation was done in a classic, slightly faded blue with serifs that gave it an elegant appearance. All the letters were uppercase and widely spaced apart to give the logo a more impressive look. To the left, there is an abstract drawing of a shape that resembles a mortar and pestle, which were used since ancient times to crush and grind various ingredients, including medicinal. It has a longer red wavy line on the left and a shorter yellow one on the right. A blue arrow pointing down is meant to represent a pestle.

2017 – Today

Novartis Logo

The update introduced in 2017 did not make a huge difference in the way the logo looked. Although the font has changed, it was only small details, such as an additional serif for the letter “N” and a wider “S”. the company did change the shade of blue used for the logo and other colors looked brighter as well. In addition, the two wavy lines are not connected at the bottom.

Font and Color

Novartis Emblem

The name of the pharmaceutical corporation is done using Trajan Pro Bold font. It has been developed by Carol Twombly and published by Adobe. The typeface features delicate glyphic serifs. When it comes to colors, it chose blue as its main color to emphasize the stability and trustworthiness of the company as well as its loyalty to its mission. It is accented by red (passion, energy, and strength) as well as yellow (youth, happiness, and wisdom).