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Pedigree is a dog food brand owned by Mars Incorporated and part of the Mars Petcare division. When creating new products, all the various needs of dogs are taken into consideration.  To do this, Mars created an entire laboratory in which a team of scientists conducts various studies. Pedigree food has been developed as dog-friendly as possible thanks to years of expertise. It is packed with nutrients, proteins, and other vitamins and minerals. It contains various vitamins, minerals, protein, and nutrients.

Meaning and History

Pedigree Logo history

In 1934, Mars Limited acquired the Chappel Brothers of Manchester. The business grown stronger and increased its production over time. The emergence of the Pedigree brand happened in 1957. At this point, they started making specialized dog products based on the Chappi trademark. Today, Pedigree dog food is a well-known brand on a global scale. The name of the business was chosen based on the French term “pie de grue” (purebred animals with a traceable ancestral line).

What is Pedigree?
Pedigree is a brand of dry and wet food as well as treats for dogs of all ages and all breed categories. Pedigree takes an active part in organizing and sponsoring professional exhibitions, as well as various social and charitable projects.

Europe and Australia

1972 – 1970s

Pedigree Logo 1972

The name of the brand was done in a white cursive typeface without serifs. It was placed on a burgundy background, which created a nice contrast and sophisticated appearance.

1970s – 1988

Pedigree Logo 1970s

Serif font with diagonal cuts was used for the new logo. It was brown on a beige background. The logo did not have any other details and looked professional.

1988 – 1992

Pedigree Logo 1988

This emblem was just as simple as the other versions. The black, bold letters with serifs popped against a white background and gave the logo a classic, even luxury, feel.


Pedigree Logo 1992

The iconic yellow and red color palette has been brought to the Pedigree visual identity in 1992, coloring the background in flat and bright shades of yellow and the central element with ribbons — in red with slight gradients, adding volume. The title case Pedigree logotype kept its narrowed bold serif font, getting its characters drawn in white and outlined in black. The badge only stayed active for a few months.

1992 – 2000

Pedigree Logo 1992-2000

A bright red reward badge with yellow accents served as a base for this logo. In front of it, one could see the name of the brand. “Pedigree” was written in bold white letters with a thick black outline, which allowed it to stand out against a rather bold background.

2000 – 2002

Pedigree Logo 2000

The font in the name was modified to have slightly rounded serifs. In addition, a slanted letter “e”, as well aa s diagonally cut dop of the “d”, added a fun moment. The emblem behind it was a darker shade, which gave it a more sophisticated appearance.

2002 – 2007

Pedigree Logo 2002

Although there was no more slanted “e”, the font in this logo looked very much like in the previous version. It still featured a serif font with transitional style serifs.

2007 – 2022

Pedigree Logo 2007

The most noticeable change besides a slightly modified font was the outline of the name. It was now a red color that went along with the red badge in the background. The badge lost the yellow details and instead acquired darker shades for more volume as well as rays around it to show how amazing it is.

2022 – Today

Pedigree Logo

The new logo for the European market had a new spin to it. Although it still had the same red badge and brand name as the main elements, the badge was moved to the left, so only the first two letters were overlapping it.

United States and International

1988 – 1992

Pedigree Logo Int 1988

This version of the logo had a drawing of a reward badge done in saturated blue with white accents. The name of the brand was placed in front of it. It featured a white serif font with a black outline. The whole emblem had a yellow rectangle as the base.

1992 – 2000

Pedigree Logo Int 1992

This emblem looks more celebratory thanks to the white highlight around the badge as well as the addition of gold accents to the badge instead of white ones. The font stayed almost unchanged.

2000 – 2007

Pedigree Logo Int 2000

The yellow background was removed and the color of the badge was a deep blue. This gave the logo a more royal appearance. This was also a logo where the brand used a slanted “e” for additional interest. The name also appeared bigger compared to the badge.


Pedigree Logo Int 2006

The logo version, used by Pedigree in the United States in 2006, featured a gradient yellow and blue color palette, with a slight light spot, making the whole badge look more vivid and dynamic. The outline of the lettering turned gray, with theletters in the middle gaining lighter shades, and darkening up to the sides. The badge stayed with the brand for several months, creating a strong base for the following redesigns.

2007 – 2022

Pedigree Logo Int 2007

The blue color used for the badge changed its color and did not have white or gold highlights. The outline of the name matched the badge, which added some cohesiveness. A bright yellow base in the form of a rectangle made the logo look attractive and welcoming.

2022 – Today

Pedigree Logo Int

This Pedigree logo was quite bold thanks to bright yellow and blue. The yellow served as a rectangular base for the emblem. The blue was used for a realistic drawing of a reward badge that symbolized the high quality of its products. The name of the brand was placed in front. It was done in white with rectangular serifs.

Font and Color

Pedigree Emblem

The brand used a yellow, red, and white color palette with some black for the European and Australian market. The red color was replaced by blue for the US and International market. Throughout the years, the company used a bold, serif typeface that underwent minor changes every single time a font was updated. It was similar to Stafford Serial Bold.