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you agree to the Privacy Policy. is an online pet store that has everything you need for pets. The range includes medicines, food, and supplies for cats, dogs, fish, turtles, rodents, and birds. Petco retailer offers attractive loyalty programs and a range of services for pet owners. Petco Animal Supplies Inc. network provides clients with animal care, daycare, and other services, that is, those that cannot be provided via the internet.

Meaning and History

Petco Logo history

Petco can be confidently called a well-deserved and respected retailer. The company was founded back in 1965, more than 20 years before the first PetSmart, its closest competitor store, appeared on the market in 1987. Its original focus was slightly different than what consumers recognize it for nowadays as it was selling veterinary medications. In 2022, Petco launched a new store concept called Neighborhood Farm and Pet Supply. The country pet store features the same pet products and services that Petco offers in its brick-and-mortar locations, but also products for farm animals, including cows, goats, horses, pigs, sheep, and others.

What is Petco?
As can be guessed from the name, Petco is a large chain of pet stores in North America. The company offers a huge selection of pet products as well as some pets, including fish, reptiles, and birds, across the US. The company’s website often offers interesting promotional offers and discounts on products.

1974 – 1979

Petco Logo 1974

This logo reflects the earlier company name – UPCO. It is printed using all uppercase characters and a bold, sans-serif font of a black color. Underneath, there is a second line that is slightly longer and says “Animal Supplies Unlimited” using the same font, only smaller characters. This logo looks clean and simple, standing for the company’s professionalism.

1979 – 1989

Petco Logo 1979

This version introduced the company from a completely different angle by adding drawings of animals. A horse was placed above the first two letters while a dog and a cat were hiding behind the last two. They looked friendly and even seemed to interact, making the brand appear a lot more welcoming. There was another major change – the name, which now said “Petco”. It featured rounded characters of different sizes, which enhanced that openhearted feeling. Underneath, the logo had “Animal Supply Super Markets” printed using a relatively fine font but all uppercase letters. The black and white color palette gave the logo a touch of professionalism.

1989 – 1991

Petco Logo 1989

The color was introduced at the end of the last century, presenting a bright red and blue logo. It coincided with the change in the brand’s focus. The logo had a blue dog and a red cat and no more horse as it no longer accommodated large stock. The animal looked more cartoonish and had fewer details compared to the earlier version. The red color of the cat was also featured in the inscription underneath. The company name was printed using a bold, rounded, sans-serif font with all the same size uppercase letters.

1991 – 2011

Petco Logo 1991

The logo has been rearranged and slightly modified. The first thing that catches the attention are the dog and the cat that moved to the lower right corner. They not only changed in size but also shape, which gave them a more cheerful appearance. Since the pets slightly overlapped the inscription, the colors were flipped while a thicker outline matched the black tagline to the left. The latter said, “Where the pets go.” Using a serif font with sentence case.  The designers kept the same font and red color for the “Petco” inscription, which made the log easily recognizable. The color palette was also preserved, although there was a bit more black and a little less blue.

2011 – 2020

Petco Logo 2011

A little over ten years later, the company introduced a new font that was designed by the Lippincott agency and featured sharper cuts that were combined with rounded-off cuts. The adherence to the same color palette as well as the cute cat and dog pair made the logo instantly relatable to the Petco brand.  Since the brand name was done using all lowercase letters, the pets appeared larger. They were also placed on the same line as the inscription and a little more to the right. There was no more need to balance out a tagline as it was gone. The new look of the dog and cat is the work of Petco’s design team led by James Blanton.

2020 – Today

Petco Logo

The font featured in this logo has a lot in common with the previous one.  While the “e” got a little more edge, the letter “t” had the horizontal bar flow into the vertical. The letter “c” also featured sharper cuts and a different shape. The dog and cat many got used to were gone, and so was the red color. The new logo presented a dark blue on a white background. The updated look was cleaner and in line with modern trends. At the same time, the company lost its unique identity.

Font and Color

Petco Emblem

Initially, the company went for a more traditional and conservative black-and-white color palette. It allowed the company to figure out its identity and cater to its target audience. A combination of blue, red, and black was closely associated with the brand over the years. Only recently, this color palette was replaced by a rich, stylish blue that made the logo almost unrecognizable.