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For almost 90 years, the Nestle concern has been producing a variety of economy, premium, and super-premium food for dogs and cats, as well as compound feed for various farm animals and poultry. The Purina products have been specifically designed to meet all stages of a pet’s life because not only does the health of pets change with age, but so do their nutritional needs and preferences.

Meaning and History

Purina Logo history

In 1894, George Robinson, Will Andrews, and William Danforth decided to produce horse feed considering it to be a good option even during downtime in the economy. In 1902 the name changed to Ralston Purina. In the early 1950s, the brand used its experience in high-quality livestock feed to develop food specifically formulated for pets. In the second half of the 20th century, it became the largest, top producer of pet food in the US. In 1986, it separated the production of food for farm animals from pet food. The brand began growing the pet food business, including abroad, by acquiring other prominent companies in the industry. The merger of Ralston Purina and Friskies Pet Care in 2001 resulted in the creation of Nestle Purina Pet Care. The name of the company, Purina, came from the company’s motto “Where Purity Is Paramount”, formulated by William Danforth.

What is Purina?
The Purina brand, which combines dry food for dogs and cats, belongs to the huge Swiss concern Nestle. The latter is a world-famous food giant that produces not only drinks and food for people but also pet food. The products of this company for cats and dogs include dry food, treats, and canned food.

1969 – Today

Purina Logo 1969

Although the roots of the company go back to the 19th century, the checker pattern has been used officially as a logo only since 1969. Originally, William implemented a dress code, requiring outfits with a red and white checker pattern, to make the store personnel stand out. Later, the brand employed this color scheme on its goods, and it became ingrained in the Purina corporate culture. The logo had a red and white pattern with the red being in the center and corners. The pattern had a white border followed by a thin red one. Such a simple logo looks bold and memorable.

???? – Today

Purina Logo

The redesign of the Purina logo has placed the iconic checkered emblem on the left side of a solid black rectangle, oriented horizontally. The uppercase serif lettering in white characters is written over a black banner, supporting the white elements on the geometric graphical element. The whole image looks super modern and strong, with the traditional and timeless color palette getting new edges and meanings, and creating a very powerful and balanced badge.

Font and Color

Purina Symbol

The red and white color palette became associated with the Purina brand. Red is associated with energy, passion, and power, while white is the color of purity (very appropriate for Purina), freshness, and perfection. There are no wordmarks in the logo.