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Python Software Foundation (PSF) is a Delaware-based nonprofit institution established in 2001. It works as an entity joining public relations functions and services in the development of the Python programming tools. In doing so, PSF organizes its international Python Conference, supports people on its social media pages and websites, raises funds, and maintains property rights.

Meaning and history

Python Logo history

The Python programming language appeared in 1991 thanks to its developer Guido van Rossum. It has quickly attracted worldwide attention, and an active community of coders was formed around the language. People discussed Python opportunities, shared skills, and formed teams on Internet forums. Taking this in sight, in 2001 van Rossum decided to found an organization focusing on inspiring and uniting the Python community.

Since the start, it was supposed to be an unprofitable foundation that would support meetups and conferences where Python developers could form teams or exchange ideas. The events originally took place in the USA, but now, they occur in 40 countries. PSF has built a system by which all conferences are coordinated. Moreover, people from across the world can make donations and sponsor the foundation.

PSF also claims the copyrights on all the property dedicated to the language and its brand, including the name, logo, and the definitions ‘PyLadies’ and ‘PyCon’.

What is Python Software Foundation?
Python Software Foundation is an American nonprofitable organization founded in 2001 and based in Delaware. It organizes activities inside the community around the Python language and attracts funds to improve the software and organizes meetups and conferences on behalf of the organization. The institute’s conference, named PyCon, is one of the largest IT conferences, taking place in 40 countries.

1997 – 2006

Python Logo 1997

The Python logo resembles the punched tape once prevalent in the early era of electronic computers. This design underscores its association with the realm of computing, specifically programming. The brand’s name incorporates perforated letters, replacing straight lines with prominent white dots. The text carries intricate shading produced by numerous small spheres, lending it a compelling three-dimensional appearance. Notably, all the letters are rendered in lowercase, contributing to the logo’s distinct and recognizable identity.

2006 – Today

Python Software Foundation Logo

The official logotype of both the language and its foundation depicts the ‘Python’ word, placed to the right of an emblem. It depicts an image of two snakes, placed along the back of one another so that together they form a plus sign.


Python Software Foundation Symbol

The typeface of the Python nameplate is a custom one. It shows lowercase characters without serifs. All letters are written using slim and clean lines. The symbol ‘y’ has its tail a bit shortened, and the upper tips sharpened. The letters ‘p’, ‘t’, and ‘h’ also have sharp edges.


Python Software Foundation Emblem

The color palette used to depict the logotype includes a gradient of bright blue to dark blue for the upper snake and light yellow to darker yellow for the lower snake. The inscription is dark gray.