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SCP is an acronym that stands for ‘Secure Containment Protection’ – a fictional organization that focuses on protecting people from paranormal creatures, objects or other dangers. The Foundation has agents and branches across the globe. By lore, only a handful of people know about their existence.

Meaning and History

The Foundation got this name from its principal task – to secure the dangerous entities, contain or neutralize dangerous objects and creatures and protect the planet from them. The acronym was then retroactively fit for this motto. The logo of this organization reflects the same meaning.

What is SCP?
SCP (Secure, Contain, Protect) Foundation is a fictional organization depicted in various creative works, particularly in the SCP Foundation wiki. It focuses on securing and studying anomalous objects, creatures, and phenomena to prevent harm to humanity. SCP Foundation operates under strict containment protocols to safeguard the world from supernatural and dangerous entities.

2008 – Today

SCP Logo

On the classic version of the SCP’s logo, we can see three arrows that converge in the center. They are contoured by the two black rings on the white background. One of them, which is the bold one, intertwine the pointers, while the second ring is similar to the Vault Tec’s door of the shelter from Fallout series.

Emblem and Symbol

SCP Symbol

The SCP logo proper is an obscure emblem used to signify this universe as a whole. However, in some situations, the authors simply use one of the many variations of the abbreviation – ‘SCP’.

The most used variant is the one with sleek wide letters, but there are also spooky thin versions.