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ACDelco is an American automotive parts brand, established by General Motors. Originally christened as United Motors Corporation, the entity emerged to amalgamate various autonomous parts manufacturers. ACDelco presents an extensive array of vehicle components such as batteries, filters, brakes, and engine parts, serving a global clientele across GM and non-GM vehicles alike. Its creation aimed to provide high-quality, reliable automotive parts, ensuring vehicles run efficiently and smoothly. ACDelco has grown to become a key player in the global automotive parts industry.

Meaning and history

ACDelco Logo history

ACDelco’s journey began in 1916, named United Motors Corporation by William C. Durant, GM’s founder. Initially, ACDelco unified independent auto parts makers.

In 1918, GM bought United Motors, marking its first major acquisition.

The brand evolved, becoming AC Spark Plug Division in 1927, reflecting its specialization in spark plugs.

The ’70s saw the merger of AC Spark Plug with United Delco, creating the AC-Delco division. This merger expanded its product range beyond spark plugs to a vast array of automotive parts.

In 1995, GM streamlined the brand to “ACDelco”. This rebranding aimed to solidify its market presence globally. Over the years, ACDelco embraced innovation, expanding into electronics and other advanced automotive technologies.

ACDelco stands as a global leader in the auto parts industry, committed to innovation and excellence.

What is ACDelco?
ACDelco is a global provider of automotive replacement parts and related services, flourishing under General Motors’ umbrella. It distinguishes itself with a rich heritage that spans over a century, offering everything from batteries to complex electronics for a myriad of vehicle makes and models, not just GM’s.

1974 – 1995

AC-Delco Logo 1974

The logo presents a split design with two squares side by side. On the left, a bold “AC” sits within a red circle, encapsulated by a navy square, exuding a classic vibe. Adjacent, the “Delco” part is enclosed in a navy square with a circular graphic, half red and half navy. The two-part design symbolizes the merger of two historic entities, AC Spark Plug and United Delco, into a single powerhouse in the automotive parts industry. The color scheme of red, white, and navy suggests a blend of passion, purity, and professionalism.

1995 – Today

ACDelco Logo

This modern ACDelco logo showcases a sleek, italicized font, giving it a sense of motion and progress. The bold, capitalized letters “AC” and “Delco” are seamlessly connected, symbolizing unity and strength. Beneath the text, a swift red underline adds a dynamic flair, emphasizing speed and precision, traits synonymous with the automotive industry. The color palette remains patriotic with its deep blue and vibrant red, yet the design is streamlined for contemporary appeal, reflecting the brand’s evolution and forward-looking ethos.