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Clorox is a household brand known for its bleach and cleaning products. It was created by five entrepreneurs in Oakland, California. They aimed to develop a potent disinfectant and cleaner for home use. Clorox quickly became a trusted name in hygiene and cleanliness.

Meaning and history

Clorox Logo history

Clorox was founded in 1913 by five entrepreneurs in Oakland, California. Initially named the Electro-Alkaline Company, the brand launched its first product, a five-gallon container of liquid bleach.

In 1916, they rebranded to Clorox, a blend of chlorine and sodium hydroxide, the main ingredients of their bleach. By 1928, Clorox went public, and its shares were traded on the San Francisco stock exchange. During the 1930s, Clorox expanded its product line to include smaller household bottles, making it more accessible to consumers. In the 1940s, Clorox bleach played a crucial role in World War II for disinfecting drinking water. The company continued to grow, acquiring various other brands. In 1968, Clorox merged with Procter & Gamble but regained independence in 1969 after a court ruling. By the 1980s, Clorox expanded internationally, becoming a global leader in cleaning products.

Clorox remains a household name, trusted for its effective cleaning and disinfecting products.

What is Clorox?
Clorox is a leading brand in cleaning and disinfecting products. It originated in California and was created for household cleaning. Today, Clorox products are used worldwide for their reliability.

1914 – 1937

Clorox Logo 1914

The Clorox logo features a bold diamond shape. The diamond is red with a blue center. Inside the blue center, “CLOROX” is written in large white letters. Above and below the brand name, the words “TRADE MARK” and “M’F’D BY CLOROX CHEM. CORP.” appear. The outer red border contains the words “LIQUID CLEANING WASHING COMPOUND”. The text is arranged to fit the diamond shape. The logo has a vintage, industrial look. The bold colors and strong lines make it highly noticeable. It effectively communicates the brand’s strength and reliability.

1937 – 1957

Clorox Logo 1937

The updated Clorox logo retains the diamond shape but introduces several changes. The text “TRADE MARK” now has a hyphen, making it “TRADE-MARK”. The phrase “M’F’D BY CLOROX CHEM. CORP.” has been removed. Instead, “REG. U.S. PAT. OFF.” is prominently displayed below the brand name. The color scheme remains red and blue, but the red border is more pronounced. The words “LIQUID CLEANING WASHING COMPOUND” are still present but repositioned slightly. The overall design has a cleaner, more streamlined appearance. These adjustments enhance readability and modernize the logo while maintaining its recognizable shape and color.

1957 – 1997

Clorox Logo 1957

The newest Clorox logo simplifies the design significantly. It retains the diamond shape and color scheme but removes all additional text. The outer red border is thicker and more pronounced. The blue center is now a darker shade. The brand name “CLOROX” is still in large, bold white letters. The font is more modern and streamlined. This minimalist approach enhances brand recognition and visual impact. The removal of extra text creates a cleaner, more contemporary look. This update emphasizes the brand name, making it the focal point of the logo. The overall effect is a bold, modern design that maintains the brand’s heritage.

1997 – 2020

Clorox Logo 1997

The latest Clorox logo introduces several notable changes. The diamond shape is retained but now features a three-dimensional effect. The blue center has a gradient, giving it a modern look. A yellow border is added between the red and blue areas, adding depth. The brand name “CLOROX” is in bold, white letters with a shadow effect, enhancing readability. The font is more dynamic and slightly italicized, suggesting movement. This logo update modernizes the brand’s appearance while maintaining its iconic elements. The new design emphasizes vibrancy and innovation, making it stand out.

2018 – Today

Clorox Logo

The latest Clorox logo keeps the core elements but refines the design further. The diamond shape remains, but the angles are softer, giving a more rounded look. The blue gradient in the center is smoother, with a brighter, more vivid appearance. The yellow border is thinner, providing a subtler separation between the red and blue areas. The white letters of “CLOROX” are now cleaner and bolder, with a slight shadow for depth. This update enhances visual clarity and modernizes the logo while maintaining its distinctive identity. The design reflects a contemporary and approachable brand image.