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Advan is a pioneering brand in the automotive industry, renowned for its high-performance tires. Created by Yokohama Rubber Company, a giant in tire manufacturing, it originated in Japan. This brand was developed to cater to the demanding needs of racing circuits and luxury vehicles, offering superior grip, durability, and performance. Advan tires are celebrated for their innovation and quality, bridging the gap between professional racing excellence and everyday driving reliability.

Meaning and history

Advan Logo history

Yokohama Rubber unleashed the Advan tire line in 1978, taking a bold stance against Europe’s lead in wet performance tires, propelling Japan into the sports radial tire arena. Yokohama retained ownership and honed in on young enthusiasts craving high performance. Advan’s entrance to European markets in the 1980s disrupted the status quo, as it became the tire of choice in prestigious motorsport events, boosting its global stature. Prestigious automakers, noting its competitive prowess, awarded technical nods, with Porsche among them.

By the 2000s, Advan rose as Yokohama’s global flagship, epitomizing elite performance and innovation, continually evolving for top speed and racing. Yokohama Rubber’s guidance expanded Advan’s presence, cementing its stature for lasting quality and superior performance in tires.

What is Advan?
Advan is Yokohama’s flagship tire brand, embodying cutting-edge performance for both track and street. It merges exceptional grip with unparalleled durability, setting benchmarks in automotive excellence.


Advan Logo old

The logo “ADVAN” in bold, white capital letters. These letters are set against a dramatic black rectangle. What brings this design to life are three diagonal red stripes of varying widths behind the text, which suggest movement and speed. This design element adds dynamism to the logo, evoking a sense of forward motion that mirrors the brand’s commitment to high-performance and innovation in tire technology. The red stripes, associated with energy and passion, further underline the brand’s racing heritage and its high-quality performance ethos.


Advan Logo

A bold triangle dominates the logo, signaling progress and firmness. Within, a trio of red chevrons climb, heralding growth and creativity. “Get a step ahead” in crisp white typography underscores a dedication to progress and edge. At its foundation, “ADVAN” in white confirms the brand. Adding a catchphrase weaves a story, fortifying the forward-driven ethos. The design embodies motion and drive, fit for a performance tire leader.