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Air Liquide stands as a titan in the gas production industry, originating from the inventive minds seeking solutions in France. Georges Claude, its founder, embarked on this venture aiming at large-scale oxygen and nitrogen production. This creation catered to diverse needs, spanning from healthcare to the heavy industries, embodying innovation and industrial efficiency. Its establishment marked a pivotal moment, bridging scientific curiosity with practical applications, making it a cornerstone in gas supply worldwide.

Meaning and history

Air Liquide Logo history

Founded on November 8, 1902, Air Liquide embarked on its journey in Paris, France, by Georges Claude and Paul Delorme. It initially focused on producing oxygen through the liquefaction of air, which then expanded to include various gases essential for industries and healthcare. By 1913, the company had already established a footprint in Japan, showing its rapid international expansion. The development of the hydrogen market in the late 20th century further exemplified its role in leading industrial gas supply, fostering innovation and sustainability.

What is Air Liquide?
Air Liquide is a global leader in gases, technologies, and services for the industrial and healthcare sectors. It supplies oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and many other gases. Their expertise spans from the healthcare sector, ensuring hospitals have vital medical gases, to supporting heavy industries and environmental initiatives with innovative solutions.

1902 – 1991

Air Liquide Logo 1902

The logo captures attention with its bold simplicity. A vivid blue square accompanies the iconic name “AIR LIQUIDE”, written in striking, uppercase red letters. The brand’s initials, “A” and “L,” interlock gracefully in the square, suggesting unity and strength. A thin blue line frames the red text, providing a cohesive border that encapsulates the company’s identity. This design conveys a sense of clarity, precision, and modernity, reflecting the brand’s innovative spirit.

1991 – 2017

Air Liquide Logo

The logo presents a unique emblem. The emblem’s design hints at a droplet, reflecting the company’s core business in gases and liquids. Next to it, the company’s name, “Air Liquide”, appears in a strong, crisp red typeface, with the letters evenly spaced and sans-serif, which stands for professionalism and reliability. This clean and modern design communicates the brand’s essence in the industrial and medical gases sector.