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Ajio is the best Indian shopping site that sometimes surprises with great online sales and the best deals in India. Consumers can order items in almost every category, from tech gadgets to jewelry. Men, women, and kids can find practically anything they would like, including premium, renowned brands. Their Indian section offers all types of cultural dresses, such as dresses from Bengal, Karnataka, Kerala, and other cultural states. One can buy Jio keys, the latest smartphones, speakers, and other gadgets in the technical section. Ajio also has an application for Android and iOS devices to make the shopping experience even better.

Meaning and History

Today, a lot of people know about Jio and its services. Capturing the telecommunications market with its attractive high-speed internet, Jio expanded its business into other consumer services. One such service is their online shopping site called Ajio. It was launched in 2016 with the main office being in India. The founder’s name is Mukesh Ambani. Ajio was able to become a true rival of another leading fashion and style e-commerce platform – Myntra. Moreover, according to ecommerceDB, it ranks second in the e-commerce market with $983 million in revenue in 2020. The number of online shoppers in India reached about 200 million consumers.

What is Ajio?
Ajio established itself as the preferred destination for all online fashion shoppers owing to its great assortment of products, excellent platform, and convenient shipping service. Ajio offers a wide range of handmade branded collections and its own collections from India and around the world.

2016 – Today

Ajio Logo

The Ajio logo looks very modern and minimalistic. It features only the brand name printed in all uppercase letters with wide spacing. When combined with the bold lines of each letter, it creates an impression of a well-established brand that knows what it is doing. There are no other design elements, making it easy to remember the brand image and removing the necessity to change anything to stay relevant to the current market.

Font and Color

Ajio Emblem

The company went for a font from the Futura Family. It was custom designed by Milos Mitrovic and looks somewhat similar to Bambino Bold. It has something balanced, confident, and professional about it, especially when considering the grayish-blue color used for the lettering.