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DHgate is a Chinese transnational e-commerce firm incorporated in Beijing, in 2004. It operates an online marketplace that connects primarily small and medium-sized businesses between each other or their customers. DHgate is one of China’s most influential online commerce systems, which has attracted over 32 million shoppers and 2 million merchants from 220+ countries since its foundation.

Meaning and history

DHgate was created by Diane Wang in 2004 and launched the next year. By creating his platform, Wang aimed to make global trade better and assist business people in implementing their ideas. She wanted her platform to link the world’s businesses and individual sellers, thereby becoming a digital Great Silk Way. The name was influenced by the city of Dunhuang a prominent milestone in the Silk Way.

The marketplace targets mostly Asian retail stores, helping them trade between each other and foreigners. In 2013, DHgate started operating in Vietnam, thereby becoming the premier Chinese organization to offer financial assistance online beyond Chinese borders. In 2015, the firm was connected to the Canadian marketplace called Shopify, playing an important role in North American and European online trade.

Since 2011, Diane Wang has been working with the members of the Business Advisory Council of APEC an international organization for free trade across the Asia-Pacific region. Moreover, during the G20 summit in Antalya in November 2015, DHgate assisted in signing an e-commerce agreement between Turkey and China. By the next year, their mutual online trade platform was completed by DHgate and Chongqing Logistics City.

DHgate also started working on physical points of presence in 2017 in order to let retailers and wholesalers check the products before acquiring them. By the end of the year, their locations were set up in the US, Russia, Turkey, UAE, Australia, and other countries in Europe and Asia. This is a prominent episode of the company’s initiative to connect the world’s entrepreneurs by creating a space of free commerce online.

What is DHgate?
DHgate is a Chinese marketplace, founded in 2004 by Diane Wang. The system is primarily promoted among businesses that sell products to firms and individual buyers. As one of the most considerable e-commerce platforms in China, DHgate provides its services to approximately 46 million buyers and 2,4 million sellers, who posted 32+ million products.

2004 – today

DHgate Logo

The official logotype of the DHgate commerce platform consists of a minimalist inscription featuring its name and a ‘.com’ caption after it. The inscription shows up in three colors: the portion ‘DH’ is gray, the word ‘gate’ is yellow, and the last ‘com’ part is colored black. The first two characters are executed in a capitalized sans-serif typeface, while the following characters have a contrasting elegant serif script with slim lines.

For the mobile version of their software, they use a different logotype. The text caption here goes without the ‘.com’ portion, and it stands on a completely yellow square. The letters have the same scripts as the main logo, but they’re all colored white. Due to the bright shades that fit the slim serif typeface, the logo looks friendly and catching.


DHgate Emblem

The typeface used to write the part ‘gate.com’ is the classic Times New Roman. Although all characters are lowercase, the symbol ‘g’ is bigger than its neighbors. As for the first two capitals, ‘DH’, they’re executed in a bold sans-serif typeface without intervals to separate the letters. This selection of fonts looks modern, simple, and modest.


DHgate Symbol

The color code of the wordmark consists of white, yellow, and black shades. The gray and yellow color palette evokes a calm sense and represents confidence, security, and trustworthiness three main features of the system. Black is often associated with authority and professionalism.