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The American Heart Association (AHA) is a nonprofit organization in the United States dedicated to combating heart disease and stroke. Founded by six cardiologists, its inception took place in New York City. The AHA’s mission revolves around funding cardiovascular medical research, educating the public on healthy living, and advocating for stronger public health policies. Its creation aimed to reduce disability and deaths caused by cardiovascular disease and stroke, making heart health a priority for millions.

Meaning and history

American Heart Association Logo history

Founded in 1924 by six heart specialists in NYC, the American Heart Association (AHA) aimed to fight heart diseases. It started small, focusing on sharing knowledge among professionals. By the 1940s, it expanded, opening its doors to the general public. The AHA then began funding research, which led to breakthroughs in heart health. Education campaigns on diet, exercise, and smoking followed. The organization now leads in heart-related research funding. It also advocates for healthier living policies. The AHA has become a global beacon for cardiovascular health, saving countless lives through its efforts.

What is American Heart Association?
The American Heart Association (AHA) stands as a pioneering force in the crusade against heart disease and stroke. Established by visionary cardiologists in 1924, it dedicates itself to life-saving research, education, and advocacy for heart-healthy living across the globe.

1924 – 1950s

American Heart Association Logo 1924

The logo features a bold red heart as its centerpiece, symbolizing vitality and passion. Atop it sits a classic torch, an emblem of enlightenment and hope, its flame gently flickering, a metaphor for the delicate yet resilient nature of life. The contrasting colors of the torch and the heart create a striking visual that encapsulates the spirit of life-saving awareness and progress. This design serves as a beacon, rallying support for the noble cause of heart health.

1950s – 1977

American Heart Association Logo 1950s

In this iteration of the logo, the torch’s silhouette is more defined, with a pronounced black color contrasting the vibrant red heart. The flame atop is stylized, appearing almost leaf-like, symbolizing renewal and growth. This logo variation maintains simplicity while conveying a strong message of hope and continuous fight against heart disease.

1977 – 1994

American Heart Association Logo 1977

The updated logo integrates the organization’s name, set in bold, modern typography, suggesting a contemporary approach to its mission. The red heart and flame remain central, now paired with the text, emphasizing the unity between the name and the symbol. This design evolution reflects a progressive identity while retaining the core visual elements that symbolize the ongoing fight against heart disease.

1994 – 2010

American Heart Association Logo 1994

This rendition refines the logo further, the flame atop the torch now lively and dynamic, suggesting energy and progress. The heart and torch are rendered with a sleeker, more contemporary design, symbolizing a modern approach to heart health. The text is clean and sans-serif, giving the entire logo a fresh, current feel while maintaining the commitment to the core mission of the American Heart Association.

2010 – 2018

American Heart Association Logo 2010

The latest version distills the logo’s essence, presenting a red heart with a streamlined, flowing flame, signaling a spirit of ongoing vitality. The text now aligns to the right, in a bold sans-serif font, representing a balanced, modern look. The design’s simplicity speaks to clarity of purpose, emphasizing the heart as the central focus, reflecting the American Heart Association’s enduring commitment to heart health and wellness.

2018 – Today

American Heart Association Logo

In this design, the logo gains a three-dimensional effect, with shadows adding depth to the heart and the torch. The flame is more abstract and artistic, suggesting innovation and transformation. Typography shifts to a sleek, modern font, enhancing readability and projecting forward-thinking. The layout is balanced, with the emblem and text creating a harmonious visual synergy. This evolution conveys a revitalized and contemporary vision of the American Heart Association’s enduring mission.